pretending to be dead?

‘The land of the free’ … gee whiz that sounds great and yet … free to be, free to do, free to move, free to speak – but all with limitations set by culture, custom and law. Not total freedom which is just as well with monsters on the loose. 

Free to be what? Free to do what? Certainly free to speak both lies and truth. 

Whose freedom and at whose expense?

Freedom to question is beyond precious. 

Across the seas and …’Britons never, never, never shall be slaves.’ Really? Britons have been quite comfortable with keeping a semblance of freedom at home which has been partially and ruthlessly gained at the expense of the populations of their previous Empire.  

 ‘… and so it has always been’ echoes the comment across time by a law maker I met. 

Words are slippery, change meaning as they move from hand to mouth, from mind to speech. 

What a woeful specimen of humanity Trump, the apprentice president, the tin-pot ‘would be dictator’ is. 

Who could argue with that statement when the ‘leader of the free world’ is a compulsive liar – that fact alone diminishes the U.S.A. and about half its voting population. They would argue, no doubt, that Trump’s failings as a human being don’t matter because some greater goal is being served and, perhaps,  … ‘mysterious are the ways of God.’ 

Of course they are but that’s no excuse for abandoning reason or common sense. 

Trump is the triumph of personality over character. A narcissistic  personality belonging to a man with no character. 

Character matters, it’s character which nourishes. Personality should be the outward expression of character. Ultimately, it’s the icing on the cake and not the cake itself. 

Enough of that. America is working out its destiny with a blind indifference by the present leader to the reality of the day – it includes a pandemic which is real. 

Meanwhile, here in a garden, the Tiger lilies are leaping from the ground and either crouching or up to chest height, laden with orange and brown flowers, just starting to bloom. Fragrance from a Mandarin and an Orange tree add to the Jasmine which perfume the air. A Dogwood goes from green to cream, startles the eye, magnificent.