A lovely message from the other side of the world, 

“Dear David, a happy birthday to you. If the weather was like this when you were born it was cold, 6 degrees, but very pleasant, the sun was shining, the sky blue with large puffy clouds, daffodils, primroses, new spring green in the trees: all very joyful and optimistic.” 

I looked it up on and – blow me down – it WAS 6 degrees, breezy and sunny on the day and at the place where I was born. A few relatives checked their birthdays and found the weather much the same as today – as it’s not actually their birthday the weather report isn’t as specific. 

If I hadn’t been aware of ‘climategate’, the focus on both temperature records and the dastardly CO2 issue then I wouldn’t have thought of checking. The Sydney Observatory has temperature records going back to the mid 1800’s which show almost no change in temperature, as the seasons change. 

Anyway, the climate HAS changed with the weather aspect of climate being eclipsed by the social, financial, emotional and mental climates now existing by virtue of a virus. 

Clif High says it’s a bioweapon. Perhaps he’s right. Not sure that it matters if the end result is a new world order complete with digital currency, social credit scores and a way of being incompatible with any concept of freedom. 

China Uncensored and Serpentza have their differing ‘takes’ on China so it’s great to find them together. Here’s a link. 

The garden is all shades of green, it’s lush with the late summer and early autumn rains replacing the hideous bushfire season just passed with its wilting effect on the land. Flowers didn’t bloom, fruit didn’t appear but it’s as though nature just held its breath for a moment before taking advantage of changing conditions. And all the green things inhale CO2 and exhale Oxygen which I breathe in. 

I go for my walks and see few people. I go early and it’s Autumn chilly so not too surprising but later in the day more people are out. I won’t be giving up my walks. 

A delightful musical video below.