Serious absurdity

Nothing money – printed out of thin air.

For me, it was Eustace Mullins who first exposed the inner workings of a cabal of bankers regarding the formation of the Federal Reserve. 

‘The Creature from Jekyll Island’ is the lurid title of a work by G. Edward Griffin exposing the same sordid story.

Central Banking or rather having a system of Central Banks who all work together, ostensibly to create some semblance of order within the monetary system that the world uses, has failed dismally and continues to do so. The Federal Reserve is a Central Bank with a title designed to mislead. Ultimately these are privately owned enterprises and a matter that few dare to question.

It matters that I understand.

The Emergency Powers that the U.S. put in place after 9/11 remain in place and every President ‘signs off’ on their continuance. 

There are very sound reasons why Architects, Engineers, Pilots and more question the official story – it’s threadbare and the villains remain.

The proxy war between the U.S. and Russia becomes ever more dangerous as fighter jets are offered to Ukraine.

And yet it’s transgender issues which continually surface in the media. 

I cannot as a man wish myself into being a woman nor vice versa. No numbers of operations can change the D.N.A. – it doesn’t matter if I identify as a hippo and you agree for fear of offending my feelings – it isn’t going to happen.

As for the ongoing UFO activity worldwide, the official spin talks in terms of threat. Ho hum. If it were a threat it would have happened … unless 'as above, so below' holds true in the wider universe and also works the other way. Alien sociapaths to mirror our own?

Winter comes early to the mountains, Spring arrives late. We’re in Autumn and the tribe of TreeFerns in my garden are adorned with the red and blue of Rosellas who’ve taken to nibbling their way along the length of the individual fronds. I can only guess that they derive nourishment in the process but this is new behaviour and after thirty years of observation I wonder if our weakening magnetic field and the movement of our magnetic poles have some influence.

Why the cycles of the sun aren’t taken into account when it comes to climate change discussions is yet another matter where the narrative is woefully inadequate and deliberately so.

Anyway, a stage version of Monty Python is held up in production because the actors want Loretta written out of the script.

Morons - bit harsh - misguided or outright deceitful members of the woke madness.

Here’s the video of Stan who wants to be known as Loretta and gets a reality check. It's wonderful.