the garden is carbon and water and not much more

The climate is changing, the climate is changed. Trust is broken and lies are repeated so often that they become the unquestioned truth. 

CO2 as a cause for global warming – just one example – correlation is not causation. 

Al Gore’s ‘Inconvenient truth’ never gets revisited to see what predictions came true. I’ve revisited it just as I followed the research into ‘Climategate’, the fraud which was accepted and still is accepted and which states that ‘we’ are responsible. 

It does matter that fraud is the basis of the attention now paid to issues of climate even though that fraud results in renewable energy replacing fossil fuels. 

Our children march in the streets, are fearful of the future. It’s an evil scam. 

A co- founder of Greenpeace, Dr Patrick Moore, who left the organisation when it became deranged speaks clearly.