the Gearin Hotel acoustic/roots competition

The Hotel Gearin 26th October 2006 The Universe sometimes conspires to be kind. Opened the Blue Mountains Gazette to see mention of an acoustic/roots performance competition. After my stop/start performance at the Excelsior last week I practiced..I also got the last few bits so that my amp and mike work properly and I can start getting used to that aspect of playing. I rang Mark and organised a spot for late November and went up to have a look last night. Took the guitar just in case and enjoyed the performances. Saw Nigel Foote - the featured artist of the night - an excellent songwriter/ performer and then ... lo and behold ... someone hadn’t turned up and ‘would I like the spot?’ It was the best of all possible ways to ‘do my next gig’ and it felt relaxed and energetic. Anyway... through to the next round sometime in November and something to work towards. More to the point, two of those songs are new and to be able to play them at the right pace is the thing. If you write you’ll know that the tempo can vary a lot in the writing process and takes awhile to settle. To do a song justice it probably helps to have a proper beginning and end. I managed to take the time and not rush it. Our local radio station 2BLU FM is hugely supportive of local music and regularly provides opportunity for - in this case - the yearly music awards. I’ ll get these two new songs down on cd - just voice and guitar- for the purpose of having something to enter in the Alternative genre and see how it goes. All being equal which they seldom are, I’ll also get the chance to get back to the Excelsior Hotel on 6th November and ‘do the same songs more better’