the strangest thing

About a month ago I saw a small advertisement in our local paper. They were looking for actors to take part in a radio dramatisation of ‘The War of the Worlds’ – a play made famous in 1938 by Orson Welles in which the dramatisation was so well done that many believed it to be true. It caused a great deal of panic which was understandable as the aliens were hostile and it gets cited as a reason for UFO secrecy. As much to the point, many believed that they’d seen or heard something which corroborated the story being played out on the air.

It’s many years since I did any acting but I had taken part in two radio plays decades ago and enjoyed the experience so I rang up and got told that this wasn’t actually a dramatisation for radio but a stage presentation, reading from scripts in hand in a manner similar to the radio plays of that earlier time. I went along for the reading and got offered two small roles and later found the radio dramatisation via youtube and used it to get a feel for those roles. I then fell sick and bowed out of the play leaving enough time for those roles to be filled.

Synchronicity is something many of us experience. It’s something greater than co-incidence – that’s the way I understand it.

Because of the vast amount of fake news, false flags, outright lies and the way in which a great deal of what passes for news is slanted to present one narrative over another, I’ve been musing about how ‘The War of the Worlds’ has morphed into ‘The War of the Words.’

So where’s the synchronicity? I don’t think that ‘The War of the Worlds’ has entered my mind in decades – there’s no obvious reason for it to do so.

When I witnessed 9/11 from the other side of the world and watched for hours as three buildings came down - when only two were hit by planes - in close to free fall and into their own footprint my heart sank as I realised then that this was a huge operation impossible for some bearded terrorists who could barely fly a Cessna to achieve.

Why I came to that conclusion was corroborated over the following years as more and more unanswered questions remained unanswered within the official narrative.

I wrote a song and kept the lyrics simple – it was the physics of 9/11 or, rather, the breaking of the laws of physics which was my focal point. A filmmaker did the video as a ‘freebe’ and put it up on his youtube channel, ‘finncut’,  which was a bit frustrating for me as I didn’t get notifications about comments but that’s o.k. and it garnered a few thousands views.

There were and are many puzzling aspects to 9/11 but the one I hadn’t questioned deeply was the matter of the way in which those planes flew into the Twin Towers. Those towers were surrounded by steel columns and yet the planes not only went straight into the building as if the columns weren’t there but nothing fell off or broke away from the planes on impact.

It was a detail in an event in which there were hundreds of details which didn’t make sense.

I started watching a youtube video today by Collin Alexander. It’s called 06 - What Planes? It’s one of a series he’s done and he goes into great detail. I will follow up with the filmmaker who did my video to verify that what Collin says is factual but, as of now, I’ve no reason to doubt him.

What surprised me, apart from the content, was the way in which he references ‘The War of the Worlds.’

Synchronicity – it’s the strangest thing.