the village bully

Every village has a bully, learnt behaviour from a dull awareness. Can’t tell the bully that unless he’s somehow scared of you and, even then, it’s unlikely to change behaviour. 

As a child the bully looms large and is to be avoided. Easier said than done in a village and just as complicated in the wider world ‘village’ where nations become bullies as their growing power leads to expansion with all the temptations to ‘do as thou will’ taking precedence over ‘do unto others as you’d have done to oneself.’ 

China behaves as a petulant child on the world stage and acts as America is used to doing. Employ sanctions, disregard trade treaties and all to show its displeasure because it is criticised or questioned at all. Small wonder that its neighbours are in a state of alarm. 

China’s behaviour is more in keeping with Trumps vainglorious bullying approach to complex situations than what I would hope for from a civilisation which, in its antiquity, gave the world the I Ching. 

The Peoples Communist Party – which people? 

Not the ones who question, internally or externally, that much is clear. 

Meanwhile the image of a bully remains. Horrifying. 

To be clear – any serious research shows that 9/11 was a coup – as in a sudden, illegal, often violent, taking of power, Not that the U.S. government was involved. A cabal with no interest in taking the reins of the U.S. government were absolutely committed to swaying public opinion in the direction desired – perhaps what they perceived as the ‘National Good’, perhaps not - and they did it and then disappeared into the woodwork like cockroaches while unending wars result. Who benefits and follow the money. 

George Bush wasn’t bright enough to be part of this coup, those around him are another matter. 

A recently released four year study into the destruction of Building 7 proves that demolition was the ONLY way in which computer modelling can describe exactly what the video evidence of its collapse indicates. 

If that were widely known perhaps civil war would erupt and so this crucial evidence is not mentioned – not in public, not by the media. 

‘Building 7 – never heard of it.’ 

‘My point exactly.’ 

Google and Youtube continue to demonetarise or delete channels and make difficult to find such information. Who checks the fact checkers. 

There is no such thing as alternative facts – how can there be? A fact is a fact, the rest is a lie, a way of using language to sow doubt and muddy the waters.