ufo sighting

26th June 2006 Monday 6.30 p.m. near Willawarren and about 50km west of Kempsey, N.S.W. Australia I arrived at Margaret and Andy’s farm where we were about to head to central Queensland and onto to the Anakie gem fields. The previous night Margaret had phoned to say they’d been contacted by their neighbour, further up the hill, who was seeing lights in the sky. I told her to get some photos but the mobile phone was all that was available and wouldn’t pick it up. I told her to try anyway and spent the next two hours wondering what had happened. I arrived the following evening, as planned, and hadn’t unpacked the car before Dave, the neighbour up the hill, phoned again to say the lights were back. I raced out to the car and threw some items out to make space for one of the family and looked back to find they were still making sandwiches and coffee, being a bit blase, having seen it the previous night. As for me, brief headscratch and off I raced, up the hill, bouncing around in the rutted track and peering in every direction, wondering exactly where I’d packed the binoculars. I come to the intersection where to the left is Dave’s and to the right is an avenue of trees leading to an open view and a large expanse of sky. I turn towards the open space and stop after a few seconds as I think the binoculars are in the boot of the car. I jump out of the car and crouch down to somewhat frantically search in a packed boot and then look up to see a shape pass overhead. I’m crouched down, looking up at an assortment of strobing and coloured flashing lights which reveal no obvious shape. As this thing flew almost over my head, it was only visable for a few seconds, between the top foliage of the trees and so I can only estimate a shape as big as the space between your hands held at arms length. Not something to be confused with atmospheric conditions, aeroplanes, stars or planets. I wasn’t conscious of any sound associated with this and I felt that it was flying not much higher than the trees. I guess 8 to 16 strobing and flashing lights in a completely irregular pattern which is why I can’t add anymore to this observation. Just after this Margaret and company drive up the hill, I tell them what just happened and find out that they didn’t see it and then we head up to Dave’s. The next hour and a half were a little anticlimactic for me but nonetheless, it’s worth reporting that we observed bright star sized points of light which would move. We also saw two objects, slightly bigger than stars which were static in position but which displayed what appeared to be two or three coloured rotating lights. This was clear to me through binoculars but not to my eye. The other odd aspect of the night sky was that, for a period of maybe fifteen minutes the sky would brighten slightly, from horizon to horizon, and then dim again. It was quite beautiful to observe and almost like a ripple effect. There were about eight or nine people present on both nights. Most of them were present on both nights. The following night was quiet.