Ah well – we lost the election. It was democratic and that’s the way it works – get your message across and accept the result. The sky won’t fall in either way. I don’t ask for a second round of voting nor do I assume that those who won were ill-informed, didn’t know what they were voting for or were stupid.

Of course, they could be all three or just feeling uncertain about a future in which nothing is certain except perhaps that things are, in many ways, getting worse.

Many are over mortgaged in a teetering and grossly overpriced housing market and jobs are scarce. It’s a sign of the times that an UBER economy appears and starts replacing the existing system, where full time and part time jobs disappear and one gets paid by the task performed. If I had to gauge the mood of many it’s quiet desperation.

Here we’re living through a series of Royal Commissions and reports into ‘Sexual Abuse,’ ‘Banking Criminality,’ ‘Nursing Home neglect’ and in each case the level of deceit compounds the criminal avoidance of ethical duty. And in the background news which hasn’t had a Royal Commission to expose criminality are the car manufacturers who manipulated their emission control systems to appear to meet strict standards when they don’t. The European Banks fined for colluding over yet another dubious practice.

The list goes on endlessly in a world of 24/7 exposure. Fraud and malpractice are normal behaviour and shame doesn’t enter into consideration. Small wonder then that in our local Federal election any change in Government, in our fragile stability, would be rejected.

Life goes on. It’s the tip of the iceberg and who knows what’s going on beneath the water line.

 And then there are the stories of medical breakthroughs which gain little media attention, which have enormous use for mankind but which incur the opposition of the pharmaceutical industry because such treatments threaten profits.

I’d never heard of GcMAF which is, as I understand it, a cancer treatment but I do have respect for Ian R Crane who presented the content in the video below. The subject matter and the passion with which it was presented moved me to tears – not weeping but that welling up.

My own health is o.k. but if it weren’t I’d be interested in researching GcMAF and its uses. Perhaps it’s of interest to you so the video is below.