enter a summer

A glorious day, thankful for small mercies. 

A few hours work produces a few buckets of Bindii – a beautiful but horrid, sharp seeded weed which infests Australian gardens and makes walking barefooted next to impossible. Poison or dig out…


Grevious bodily calm

The quietly busy office of the Curator of Removed Monuments is next door but one to the dimly lit office of the Keeper of Lost Causes. In between is the office of Conspiracies and Belief Systems. Outside lies the Graveyard…


to mark the day


Two planes  ...    three towers 

Can’t get those images  from out my head 

Two planes  ...   three towers 

A few thousand here then millions dead 

 I looked at it once and it wouldn’t go away 

I looked at it twice…


Is it really a matter of .... nothing to see here

‘The Death of Stalin’ – the film rather than the event – stays in mind for the wonderful, black humoured way in which it shows a totalitarian system with the leader as unquestioned and which, inevitably, corrupts and diminishes all…


Elephants on tip toe

I was a child when fascist Mussolini briefly strutted a world stage but the image of a barnyard rooster, the puffed out chest and the dramatic poses remains clear. 

When Trump took the stage, utterly unprepared then as now, the…


now - where did I put my face?

‘Saving face’ – pretending that appearance is reality – brings its own problems, one of which is echoed in the story of the Emperor’s new clothes which, of course, were non-existent but no-one but a small child had the innocence…


It's morning here, a mid winter morning with mourning yet to come

It’s difficult to maintain discipline while in retreat and the spread of an invisible virus, the immediate enemy, has seen borders closed, reopened then closed again. It’s exhausting and much the same everywhere across the world. 

An ‘Outbreak at the…


now and change

A quiet winter day, no wind as yet, brilliant blue sky and early bulbs already in flower. The seasons flow and generally do so with slow and steady change. Everything looks as it should but while sun, rain and the…


As the days get longer

‘Don’t rock the boat, upset the apple cart, throw the baby out with the bathwater’, they all fall under the cautionary umbrella – some personal and others applicable in the wider world. 

 Google Earth is a great tool but that’s…


pull on a thread and a tapestry unravels

There hasn’t been a normal since I don’t know when. 

The droughts, fires and general alarm meant that tourist numbers were already down when the virus shut down activity here in Australia. 

Whose lives matter? 

The mayhem unleashed around the…