rejecting ideological positions

It’s clear that there isn’t any real debate when it comes to climate change so rather than trade looks of incomprehesion or question sincerity why not look to something which should be beyond dispute or ideology. 

Coal, solar, wind, hydrogen…


a letter to our local paper

I don’t know the extent of my ignorance because I don’t know what it is that I don’t know. 

Space is limited here, in this newspaper, but that’s not the case in the wider solar system and beyond. At school…


how green is my garden

Reducing carbon emissions and climate change still occupy the news here. Virus transmission, world trade impacts and the teetering state of the economy take up much of the rest of the news with family violence also rearing its ugly head. 


how long's a piece of string

How long is awhile? About as long as a piece of string – enough to suit the purpose perhaps. 

Much can change in a week. The parched and scorched earth around here is now green and lush, dams are filling…


After the move - more change to come

Shock, horror – I discriminate and I’ve been doing so all my life. I did it as a child when fairness and the lack of it presented itself within the family, the schoolyard and society itself yet discrimination is now…


climate change reality

What a horrible state of affairs when any debate about climate is reduced to ‘Alarmist’ or ‘Denier’ and ‘belief’ is the guiding force. It’s not a religion so why is belief needed unless the facts are a bit thin on…


division in the ranks

“The world has gone batshit crazy.” say I and get an immediate affirmation. 

“Do your friends feel the same way?” 

“Yes.” came the reply. 

He is in his late thirties, struggling to buy into an overheated housing market, an architect…


rain - and the garden turns green within days

“Where do you get your information from?” 

It wasn’t asked in a combative manner, more of a gentle enquiry. 

The subject at hand was consensus in science and my point is that there is no such thing as consensus in…


rain across the fire grounds

The move of websites has been fraught with difficulty but it’s a trivial matter relative to bushfires, devastation and all that’s going on worldwide. 

It feels appropriate when traditional Aboriginal methods of fire control start to make more news here…