the Excelsior Hotel 'open mike' night

The Excelsior Hotel John Chesher runs this very informal and laid back ‘open mike’ night into which the Songwriters Society adds whatever performers it has on the night. It’s a 100 km trip each way and plenty of time for a build up of nervous energy. I arrive early as have a half dozen other songwriters. I meet John, express nerves and get the sensible advice that ‘no-one else knows the songs so wing it if you forget your words.’ I shouldn’t have used the plectrum. My fingers felt like sausages. I started the first song and got one line and two chords before my mind went blank..... very difficult to recover from that without stopping ! Restart no problem. It was o.k..... just.... didn’t vomit and a few others caught the same temporary disease. It’s all grist for the mill and it was good for me to do it. Writing the song is more 'fun' than performing it at this point.