enter a summer

A glorious day, thankful for small mercies. 

A few hours work produces a few buckets of Bindii – a beautiful but horrid, sharp seeded weed which infests Australian gardens and makes walking barefooted next to impossible. Poison or dig out. Poison leaves them in place and just as sharp so dig out is the meditative option. What luxury to have such a problem and the time to deal with it. Hmm .. eventually took many more hours and a score of buckets to really cover the ground.

Much as what I’ve written about over the years comes or is coming to pass. Cold comfort there and not much point repeating myself too much so I stop writing. 


Cash is now so suspect, due to virus, that the implementation of a new financial system is not only inevitable but will be seen as necessary – a health issue which will also impact the black economy and be sold that way but will do nothing about multi-national corporations who pay no tax at all. 

The negative aspects of a cashless society – the possibility of negative interest rates, of every transaction recorded – what have I to hide is not the question, it’s none of anyone's  ‘right’ to know. 

I’m not a consumer, I’m a citizen. It’s not quaint that I say it, it’s obscene that I need to make the distinction. 

The Federal Reserve – if that fraudulent entity in which the right of a country, in this case the U.S.A., to print its own money is transferred to a privately owned banking group remains a critical issue that most don’t grasp. It infects the world through a worldwide system of Central Banks beholden to the Federal Reserve’s dictates. It’s a fraud. 

As both capitalistic and communist nations use the same financial system it’s a given that both will move easily into the ‘One World Order’ so desired by those already in power. Total control. 

Printing money out of thin air? What could go wrong with that? 

I’m repeating what you already know… or don’t. 

I bought a ‘looper’ the other day. A musical pedal which allows for a few chords or more to be played, recorded and played back for yet another loop if required. What fun and what vistas open up for melody. Yippee for music. 

I approach seventy which is as far as I’ve ever expected to live. Much of what I’ve known or thought I knew or never knew at all is gradually or abruptly discarded. 

And back to the looper and the way in which each day repeats itself or it does for me. Small gains such as ‘taking out’ the Bindii and, more to the point, doing it at the right time matter. The same for so much in life – right action, right time – easy with Bindii but not so with the reefs and shoals, calm water and tempest which surround the deeper issues in life. 

I can’t change that which I see in the wider world as worth mentioning. I have no followers and use no social media but this site, until the internet goes down - a solar flare can do this - has allowed me to speak out, albeit quietly, about … well … 

9/11 – the other event in which it really matters that I’m well informed. Most were too much in shock and awe to note that huge buildings do not conveniently collapse into their own footprints without controlled demolition being involved. 

By understanding both 9/11 and of how we have the present financial system much is revealed. I don’t want belief, facts are independent of belief. 

The Cicadas have burrowed out of the earth and herald the beginning of summer. The chirpy, consistent noise ebbs and flows. They live a mysterious life, most of it underground, make their presence known briefly and then are gone. Much the same for most of us, no doubt. 

Back to the garden while a kind climate prevails.

From winter

and two weeks later and how things change.