eyes wide shut?

A passport, slightly charred is found in the street. An unknown man gives it to a detective and runs away.

This could be the start of a novel, the beginning of a film script, a ‘Mission Impossible’ movie but it isn’t. It happened on the day that two planes hit two towers and three towers were utterly demolished. The planes were pulverised in a fireball yet a solitary passport fluttered down to the street and that passport belonged to one of the hijackers of a plane. A bit hard to believe, isn’t it, but movies and life have much that’s hard to believe but we accept it.

Why would three towers fall when only two were hit. Those towers were 100 stories plus in height and the third was 47 stories high and not hit. More amazingly still and incredibly fortunate in terms of rebuilding purposes, all three towers fell into their own footprint.

What a crime scene – the biggest in modern history and an event which has utterly changed the world and been the catalyst for unending war, destroyed societies and caused wave after wave of refugees who now pour into Europe not because they want to but because they have no choice.

The rubble from those towers should have been perhaps twenty, thirty or forty stories high but it wasn’t the case, there was a small pile of rubble and New York was covered in dust. Three towers were pulverised and no reason for this lies within the official story of that day. The evidence was shipped off to China with unseemly haste.

Half a world away it was late at night and I watched for hours and more hours as reports came in of a hole in the Pentagon but no picture of a plane hitting the Pentagon has ever been released. Strange. Another plane hitting the ground at Shanksville but no bodies and no plane – just a deep scar in the ground.

There are a myriad of questions and more loose ends than are found in any movie.

On that day the air force was busy with long planned training exercises and didn’t or couldn’t respond to these real threats in the air.

If this had been a film script for a Mission Impossible film in which a rogue element had planned and carried out an attack on New York with nefarious purpose in mind it would have been accepted as a damn good movie but only if the hero had uncovered the truth and those nefarious elements been brought to justice.

When those who pilot planes of that size and do so for a living find it hard to believe that anyone at all, even a ‘top gun’ type of pilot could have hit those towers at that speed why aren’t the public concerned? When architects and engineers puzzle over the physics involved and it just makes no sense then why aren’t the public concerned?

I know many reasons why. Who would want to believe that such an event was carried out by a … let’s call them a rogue element. Why would anyone want to carry out such an act? Well, perhaps … money, power, control and a desire to change the world into something more in keeping with a new world order may have had something to do with it. It’s now many years later and everything has changed and not for the better. That much most of us can agree on.

How could any group expect to get away with such an act?

Someone as daft as George Bush would not have been in the loop but some of those around him certainly would have been ‘main actors.’

This issue isn’t finished with, the proverbial dust hasn’t yet settled nor been completely blown away. While ‘conspiracy theory’ is a handy phrase, coming complete with the emotional baggage surrounding it – disparaging – the phrase only ever gets used in a disparaging sense yet conspiracies exist, secrets are kept, the world would not have had nuclear weapons without a secrecy so deep that death was the threat for the breaking of it and compartmentalising made sure that no-one had the full picture of what was being attempted.

Do I think that I have the full picture? No, but I’m able to use my common sense to make out the broad brush strokes and, in an endeavour this large, it’s within the fine detail that the errors are seen.

Whether we have the will to do anything about it is another matter.