how long's a piece of string

How long is awhile? About as long as a piece of string – enough to suit the purpose perhaps. 

Much can change in a week. The parched and scorched earth around here is now green and lush, dams are filling or full to overflowing and the long task of rebuilding communities gets underway. 

It’s a huge task with massive resources deployed. The physical rebuilding of infrastructure is one aspect, the trauma for those deeply involved is another matter and words such as ‘moving on’ and ‘closure’ aren’t being used. Thankfully. 

All against a backdrop of ‘fear of virus’ alarm, let alone the virus itself, which could threaten global trade and travel to a point where ‘climate change’ and ‘identity politics’ become somewhat irrelevant – as they are, no doubt, in Syria, Palestine and all war zones. 

Meanwhile – there’s always a meanwhile. 

It’s that aspect of reality, the personal journey, how we’re ‘bearing up’ – as my ‘dear ole mum’ used to say – the fragility or strength, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually which allows us to deal with the shocks which the world provides. 

I’ve gone back to work after becoming an old aged pensioner a few years back. Lack of money is the prime reason and although I skate along on thin ice materially, I don’t feel poor or impoverished. Owning the roof over your head makes a huge difference … and comes at a huge price and always did unless you have the equivalent of a fairy godmother and a magic wand. 

Meanwhile, I pick up the guitar – put it down again. Got to keep a sense of humour and music is a lifetime lover so there’s no rush. 

And the things which cause sorrow continue. 

The glaring inconsistencies in the causes the LGBT and now + community espouse. What does + indicate and why define oneself by sexuality – do ‘straight’ people do this? Not that I’ve noticed and it would be absurd if they did. 

‘Born this way.’ does not tell the whole story and, if it did, then why can’t a paedophile use the same justification. Nurture plays a part in sexuality as does the common realisation of many that they’re not that attractive to the opposite sex and end up taking their love where they find it. 

What have I got against gays and lesbians? Nothing – it doesn’t matter because character matters more. 

But if I am repulsed by the spiteful and vicious attacks on Margaret Court, Israel Folau and others who voice something other than abject acceptance of any tripe the LBGT+ community choose to serve up then I incur the wrath of those who absolutely will not allow dissenting opinions to be voiced. 

There’s nothing special about the LBGT+ community, they suffer no more or less than the rest of humanity and how I wish they’d devote their considerable creative energy towards helping the most disadvantaged community we have – no treaty for our aboriginal nations as yet and not a murmur from the same sex brigade about this injustice. 

A referendum would serve the purpose. 

Someone I know described himself as a Republican and I wonder what that means when Republicans and Democrats both serve an American system which doesn’t serve the people in a way in which it should – a public National Health system available to all doesn’t exist in the U.S. whereas here, in Australia as in Britain, they exist albeit they’re under attack by private interests. 

A health system and an education system are basic elements in any halfway decent society. 

In thinking so I’m apparently a socialist. 

As to belief in statistics – hostbaby, my previous web hosting service, are according to bandzoogle, “To be clear, Host Baby provided antiquated reporting that did not reflect your website traffic accurately.” 

If this is true then hostbaby statistics, which were very detailed, were a complete fraud. 

No matter, I’ll keep writing as the spirit moves me and if you’re reading this then you’re one of three which, for unknown reason, strikes me as funny. Perhaps because ‘climate change’ statistics are littered with such fraud. 

How would you know unless you have some way of checking.


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