I never thought of myself as sub human - just a human being. No Master Race, no Chosen People - just human.


The ‘how and the why’ of the existing world financial system, the miracle of the freefall collapse of Building 7 on the day of 9/11,  the ‘isms’ of this world and – are we alone? 

“Investigate the Federal Reserve” said Ezra Pound to Eustace Mullins and so he did. The Federal Reserve is privately owned. It’s not in dispute, it’s on the public record although it’s not widely known. What to make of that? 

Does it matter, does it make sense that a government give over to a private concern the ability to issue money and to charge interest to that government for the printing of that money out of – what is now – thin air? Not just one government but all governments are now beholden to a system of Central Banks. Quantitative Easing – it sounds like a financial laxative. 

9/11 – two planes, three towers – I did the maths. More to the point it was late night here when the first plane struck. I’d turned on the news after a late shift at work and watched everything unfold – for perhaps ten hours.  The Pentagon struck by a ‘something’ – we never got a photo. The plane that went down in Shanksville. Much of the world was sleeping, the rest, perhaps, in ‘shock and awe’. 

And the third tower, the forty seven story high tower, the one not hit by a plane, the one that the University of Alaska’s four year study illustrates and concludes that controlled demolition rather than office fires brought it down yet this startling news doesn’t make world headlines. 

Does it matter, doesn’t it make sense to investigate the event which has destroyed and displaced whole societies, has changed the course of humanity. 

And the ‘isms’ which generally appear to lead to totalitarianism. Fascism, Zionism, Nazism and Communism, Imperialism and the notion of national exceptionalism. The bastardisation of Capitalism. 

Does it matter that I have some understanding of ‘isms’ of this world. ‘Extremism’ and where it comes from comes to mind. 

Somehow, in the world of human affairs as I understand it, man’s inhumanity to man is most starkly expressed in our times by Israel’s actions towards the ever diminishing puddles of land which now make up Palestine. This cruelty is driven by a religious extremism which has nothing to do with any God that I would recognise. 

‘Love your neighbour as yourself’ and ‘Do unto others as you’d have done to yourself’ have no place here.