it's not as long ago as 'once upon a time.'

How many videos are there of the planes hitting the Twin Towers?

Not as many as one might think.

There is the helicopter shot, a bit distant, which shows the second plane … and there are the few, close up, from ground level and looking up. And a few long distant videos. Not many.

When I wrote ‘Two Planes, three towers’, years after the event, it was the almost free fall collapse of the Twin Towers AND Building 7 – not hit by a plane and 47 stories high – and all three buildings fortuitously falling into their own footprint which immediately and plainly showed a controlled demolition – to me it was obvious at the time that I witnessed it. Further research shows evidence that this was the case.

It’s the implications of controlled demolition which understandably make most avoid looking at the issue.

Time goes by and it still matters because the perpetrators are still at large, moved around a bit but still in power and it’s this fact that serves as a backdrop to unfolding world events.

The shadow aspect to the collapse of the Twin Towers is the fact that these towers were designed to withstand an aircraft impact, their structure of steel cage perimeter served that purpose.

If I hurl an aluminium can at a brick wall, even if the speed is 500 miles an hour, will it cause the whole wall to collapse at freefall speed into a neat and oddly small pile of rubble in which many of the bricks are utterly pulverised?

The video below addresses this and many other aspects covering fine detail … or rather, uncovering fine detail which is, to my mind, revealing the truth of the matter.