no doubt the same within any religious institution

“The American Dream – you have to be asleep to believe it.”

I think that George Carlin’s quote is applicable worldwide … and the Dream so easily becomes a Nightmare whether it be by falling into the clutches of the money lenders, by suffering abuse within family or religious centres, experiencing slavery … and the list goes on.

I can’t perpetually focus on the evil that simmers below the surface and sometimes erupts into public view – we’ve recently had Royal Commissions into sexual abuse within both State and religious entities and a Commission investigating criminality within the financial institutions. Aged Care is also soon to be investigated. I recently watched a DVD called ‘Spotlight’ which is about the way in which the Roman Catholic Church has dealt, or rather not dealt, with child abuse. The dark underbelly of life is not a pleasant area in which to dwell.

As some sort of antidote for my spirit I really enjoy the ‘far out and cosmic’ aspects of life and history. ‘Phenomenal Travel Videos’ is remarkably researched, ‘Greg Jay’s’ channel on youtube, ‘Mystery History’, ‘secureteam10’, ‘The Thunderbolts Project’ – there are many channels which entertain, educate and are enlightening.

But this is a preamble to a Jake Morphonius video which I place below. Although the subject matter is abuse and church related, it is presented by a man who comes across in such a ‘good’ way that it’s really worth the time.



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