not too warm, not too cold - about right for Spring

“ 97% of climate scientists agree …. “ you can fill in the blanks regarding CO2 yourself.

Much to my surprise and dismay, two astute adults in their forties had either not heard of Al Gore and his ‘An inconvenient truth’ or assume and then state when I mention Roger Revelle – the ‘father of global warming’ and Al Gore’s mentor – and Roger’s subsequent change of opinion regarding the place of CO2, that ‘Surely the science has moved on.’

It hasn’t moved on while Presidents use that 97% figure and it still features prominently in the media. It isn’t questioned or rather it is questioned but that’s not where the money is. What has happened in terms of ‘moving on’ is a new financial area of carbon offsets and trading which does very little but move the problem elsewhere.

I don’t and can’t dispute that extremes of climate are occurring but other factors are at work which aren’t considered by climate modellers. The sun plays its part and if the universe is indeed electric in nature then this requires a paradigm shift in thinking regarding cause and effect. At present, this understanding isn’t taken into account.

In the meantime protests occur, fear increases and ‘it’s all our fault’ becomes the dominant theme.

The 97% figure comes from a study by Dr John Cook in which the work he sampled to arrive at that figure misrepresented the authors’ intent. This is in the public record.

Does it matter that the 97% figure is used if the end result brings societal focus onto environmental concerns?

It matters a great deal when it’s a lie.