now and then

‘Now’ becomes ‘then’ immediately or otherwise depending on the breadth in time of the ‘now’. In terms of working within the obvious dictates of the changing seasons, the garden gets an Autumn overhaul and what hasn’t worked in one spot gets moved to sunnier climes – this happens with some red currant bushes and leaves space to turn over and refresh that soil in preparation for planting a garden bed of garlic – I had to transplant many Dutch Irises for this whole procedure to work and this too required some thought. 

It’s very satisfying, creative work/play. 

Mid April and I’m a year off seventy, the three score years and ten allotted biblically. The human world is in shut down with the cascading effects you’d expect. Collectively and in social isolation we hold our breath and hope … for some sense of normal to return. 

Can’t see it happening. 

China is being stared at with questions asked. Rightly so yet the prevailing conditions make it relatively easy for governments everywhere to look at China’s use of facial recognition and social credit scores, all used to keep their population in line and quiescent, and those governments must be looking at this with something akin to a sense of envy. 

It’s sinister. I feel very fortunate to live in Australia yet authoritarian voices are raised and heard to a point where common sense is in danger of taking a backseat – police chasing a solitary woman along a beach deserted of all but the woman taking the exercise. 

5G is being rolled out at pace to keep informed and amused those locked to their devices. In 1859 we had the Carrington Event when a solar flare set telegraph wires alight disrupting society. If it happened now it would change everything regarding internet and much more. 

Can’t dwell on that. 

In the now that I inhabit I still play music, listen to remarkable voices via youtube, keep physical, take walks and drink beer. Probably doesn’t amount to much but it’s honest.