partial disclosure

It’s early Winter here, cold overnight, cool during the day. I’m a bit restricted in movement at present which gives me more time to ‘continue the education.’ 

As a child of the fifties, not long after the Second World War, the images of the barbarity of concentration camps are still clear in my mind. Huge sympathy for the plight of the Jewish people followed. 

The Palestinians and their plight was and has always been eclipsed by the louder voices and far greater power, influence and resources of those who claim to represent the Jewish people – the Zionist State of Israel. 

Anything – any thought I may have and express about this situation and its imbalance will be dismissed as anti-semitic. 

The same cannot be said regarding the voice of Dr. Gabor Maté, a holocaust survivor. 

China receives criticism or rather the bully boy tactics of the Communist Party receives criticism but North Korea is as dark when seen from space as it is from ground level. A hideous version of Orwell’s 1984 plays out. The conversation between Jordan Peterson and Yeonmi Park is as remarkable as it is moving. 

Disclosure regarding UFO activity is in the news as if it actually WERE ‘news’. It’s not, hasn’t been for decades and if the grainy images thus far released are any indication of what is to come then any disclosure is partial at best. We’ll see soon enough.