snowballs in space.

Snowballs of ice and dust. A description of comets which, with evidence before us, is not true, not accurate, yet ‘scientific consensus’ – a phrase which should make one’s senses come alert – still holds to the snowball view, finds it puzzling but won’t look at the possibility of all celestial bodies having an electrical charge.

The celestial climate affects the Earthly climate or so it appears to me and if this isn’t taken into account then any climate modelling becomes suspect.

School children today are taking time to protest our collective lack of action on climate … ‘good luck to them’ is offered with sincerity rather than cynicism.

With that same sincerity I signed up years ago to receive ‘green energy’ only to find that my gas is from fracking which is a crime against nature let alone man.

Sadly the phrase ‘climate denier’ is used with the same sense of horror as is used with questioning ‘The Holocaust’ – you’ll know exactly which holocaust I’m talking about - as if it’s been the only one worth noting.

What I don’t like about either side of this debate is that there isn’t any … or if there is, no-one is listening.

While I’m musing thoughtful on a damp and pleasant day the magnetic pole continues with its own meandering across the landscape. It’s on its way from the Canadian Arctic towards Russia and doing the same down South. It’s not in rush but it does have effect upon the magnetic shield protecting Earth from sun flung electrically charged particles.

‘Nothing to worry about’ think I … just something which has its place within a bigger picture … not THE bigger picture. That, to my mind, would be multi dimensional.

For more on ‘snowballs in space’ I place the video below.

For an awe inspiring introduction to both Velikovsky’s ideas and the Electric Universe, ‘Symbols of an Alien Sky’ is easily found.

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