snowbirds in the drought

A gentle shower of cosmic rays blankets the planet. Energetic particles, unseen but real pass through the atmosphere, pass through all living things and, perhaps, leave an imprint upon the collective DNA  and if that were true then a blizzard of such particles may have more profound effect, may give rise to new species.

Collectively, moving at speed, not felt but real, through an outer arm of our local galaxy and continuously bombarded by a spectrum of waves, from radio to x ray, and with particles of exotic material originating from stars going nova, reaching the planet and adding to its material.

There’s a great deal going on of which I’m unaware, oblivious … I suppose that goes without saying and is common to all who question.

‘Pick your expert’ – I can find experts who take diametrically opposed views so questioning the foundations of these expert views matters.

 So much depends on trust and when it comes to plumbers, mechanics, teachers, priests, politicians, lawyers, dentists and doctors, my life experience tells me that many who practice these professions have no ethical standards and aren’t particularly good at what they do … why should it be any different for academics and scientists. Bank robbery used to conjure up images of masked men brandishing guns but now it’s the banks themselves who are revealed when bank robbery gets mentioned.

The news is full of dire predictions regarding climate change. All of us will have to drastically change our way of life is the underlying message. It’s a softening up process taking place on many fronts – ‘get used to it’ is part of the message as is ‘submit’ and ‘accept.’

What horrible words they’ve become.

There’s a minute or so of quiet before the water carrying helicopter roars and rumbles overhead as it goes from the local weir to the fire front. There’s only the one helicopter but both weir and fire are close enough for silence to be brief. With an appendage hanging down from its body, it looks like a dark orange alien dragon fly pinned against a deep blue sky in which I see no smoke – it’s being blown towards Sydney where a brown haze covers the city. It’s an ongoing situation which shows no sign of letting up. Millions of hectares across the East Coast are burnt or burning. No rain in sight.

Water restrictions are already in place and shortly we move to the next level in which water to the garden can only be done by bucket. I’m doing my best to keep alive a line of Treeferns at the far end of the garden. I’ve not watered that far end over the Spring period – in which we had but a few centimetres of rain – and the stress is showing in the quite abrupt manner in which they’ve shed all but the newest growth. As a survival method it’s brilliant. The whole trunk of the slow growing Treefern acts as an extension of the fibrous root-ball and the fronds discarded don’t fall off but droop completely to lay down the length of the trunk thus giving some slight protection from the drying effects of the unrelenting sun. Even in the manner of the dying the dried up and browning, shrivelled fronds are useful and provide for the living.

In what should have been world-wide news due to its huge implications, computer modelling by the University of Alaska Fairbanks shows that … “only the near-simultaneous failure of every column could have caused WTC 7’s symmetrical free-fall collapse at 5.20 pm on 9/11.’

Fire did not cause the collapse of the forty seven story building next to the Twin Towers and which was not hit by a plane … it boggles the mind that this has found no mention in the mainstream media, that this would not, if revealed, create a climate change in people’s perception and end a drought in exposing truth.

I’ve found out how to add a photo. Notwithstanding the drought we’re high enough to get the occasional snowfall …