so - election out of the way - moving on

It was a strange moment when just prior to Boris Johnson claiming victory, in what was a ‘Brexit or not’ election, a party functionary took the stage. After murmuring a few pleasantries he stated words to the effect that this victory had been a resounding condemnation of anti-Semitic views. 

It wasn’t anything of the sort but Zionism has a way of pretending to represent all of Judaism and, yet again, the old adage of "To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize " comes into effect. Who had the power to crudely and rudely insert the ‘resounding condemnation’ phrase into a moment of victory where Israel’s paranoid concerns were nowhere in the public mind. 

If anti-Semitic attitudes are to be changed then treat the Palestinians as human beings. That they’re not being treated as anything but an inconvenient problem is clear to most whether they express it or not. 

It’s a tired old phrase – anti-Semitic – anti- Zionist is closer to the truth. Replace Semitic with Zionist and the focus changes with real fault lines in Judaism becoming apparent. 

Not to dwell on that … the hosting platform for this site is in the process of moving and I checked the progress yesterday, looked at the various pages and all looks o.k. but scrolling down the ‘news’ and I notice that glum looking youtube icon which tells me that the video has been removed. It doesn’t surprise me but it needs be mentioned because they’re removed because they detail some aspect of Zionism, its hold on American politics, the various false flag operations in the Middle-East arena and, of course, where the money comes from and where it goes – who pays. Not a word of hatred expressed but just the fine detail. It’s sordid and no wonder that ‘strings were pulled’ to delete the videos. 

So Israel can’t be criticised but every other country can … something to ponder as Christmas approaches.

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