the fine detail

The attention to fine detail in the recent video by Architects and Engineers for 9/11 truth and named Project Due Diligence is thorough enough to convince anyone watching and paying attention to also question what actually happened to the Twin Towers and Building 7.

Of course it’s also true that one has to actually care about that event in order to want to investigate the matter.

Their organisation doesn’t look at any of the other events surrounding 9/11 and I understand why they would take that approach. When I made the mistake of bringing up this subject, years ago at a Christmas lunch, I was surprised and somewhat taken aback by the belligerent response I received when I mentioned the few thousand architects and engineers who make up the body of this organisation.

“What about the thousands of architects and engineers who aren’t members?”

Of all the possible responses to my bringing up of the subject this response was unexpected. It struck me as absurd. Do all historians agree with each other? Do all archaeologists come to similar conclusions?

It’s the physics of the matter which immediately caught my eye, all those years ago, as all three buildings fell, in close to free fall, into their own footprint. Free fall can only happen if all impediments are removed. This can only occur in a controlled demolition. Thus this event was planned and not due to some bearded terrorists barely capable of flying a Cessna let alone an airliner.

What can I do about it? Research and spread the information.

The video below has the required fine detail.


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