the shouty men

The ‘Shouty Men’ are out and about, convinced they’re right, they leave no doubt ….. but they do.

Shouty men and shouty women, no debate and ALWAYS, always ‘We’re the good guys.’

Fact check?

Once upon a time there were terrorists. There must have been – didn’t that start the War on Terror? Their various organisations have names but, over time, it all gets a bit blurred in the mind. Al Queda? Isis? The Taliban – which brand of Taliban?

Where did the impulse come from for these organisations to manifest? Weren’t the U.S. working with Bin Laden when the Soviet Union were still mired in Afghanistan …. from memory, he was then a ‘freedom fighter’. The U.S. has funded any ‘rebel’ group which suited the U.S. global purpose but, if it’s thought through at all, it’s never with any thought about ‘collateral damage’ or consequence or implication.

A quagmire in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and throughout the whole region.  Either the coalition of the willing – the western world – is utterly incompetent or this result is both expected and desired.

Saudi Arabia is the breeding ground of Wahhabism which gives the world ISIS, yet Saudi Arabia is somehow a friend of the West and selling weapons of mass destruction to them suits a British purpose.

There is no moral high ground, no bringing of freedom in any of this meddling. There is no policy. Blind men punching. Wet brained and punch drunk.

In a museum, which for me is always of hope for future past, there is quiet. Why do people experience that quiet unless reverence be the motivator. No reverence in the political imperial exercise of power.

The Ministry of Truth is working overtime at the moment. Huge resources being deployed, jobs created – so it must be all right – and all to serve a lie.

9/11  - you either ‘get it’ by now or it hasn’t been worth your attention on that ‘scale of needs’ idea. 9/11 is THE lie which leads us to here. Everything changed, the wheels were set in motion to do as Hitler stated ‘Repeat a lie, the bigger the better, and the people will believe it.’

O.K. Maybe Hitler didn’t say it but it ‘fits’ with a mindset friendly to totalitarianism and those who planned 9/11 are not concerned with democracy or the ‘rule of law’ – not if you’re the one making the law.

Perhaps the ‘hidden hand’ revealed itself in the calculated cold cruelty of 9/11. Too a big an operation for errors to not show in the fine detail of that day.

Consider how unlikely it is that those bearded terrorists, barely able to fly a Cessna, were able to fly Jumbo Jets into the Twin Towers – a feat akin to diving into a haystack and revealing a needle. Ask a pilot.

It just so happens that the entire air force are playing war games that day, a massive operation which delayed communication about the hijackings. Wow – THAT was good planning by the terrorists …. of all the days to go for a joyflight.

Mobile phone calls were made from the hijacked planes in a time when coverage from cruising altitude to ground made this impossible.

Fine detail on an operation which must needs have the time to prepare, for demolition, the Twin Towers and Building 7, the building which most don’t know about, a forty seven story building which, like the Twin Towers collapsed into its own footprint, carefully missing collateral damage to any surrounding sky scraper.

There’s also the fine detail in the rubble of those buildings. There’s not enough of it. The majority of the mass of those buildings were turned to dust. Isn’t that worth questioning? Too late, the remains were carted away with undue haste within days. Never, before or since, has a skyscraper behaved this way.

The point here isn’t to prove that 9/11 was not simply a question of some foreign bearded terrorists pulling off a ‘That’ll show yer! shock and awe type stunt’ but something designed to fulfil a wider, new world order agenda.

It’s only within a context of a new world order that any of this makes sense. To give up on the idea of separate nations and embrace this new world order it’s imperative that the population gets ‘softened up’, gets a bit punchdrunk with the constant shocks, both personally and within society, gets fed up with uncertainty to the point where ‘Please take over’ becomes the narrative, becomes a plea.

Iron fist within a threadbare velvet glove.



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