to some real extent earthquake activity can be predicted

6.1 earthquake at Osaka and the USGS have reported it but not at that magnitude. It’s not unusual for the USGS to ignore, downplay magnitude or not report earthquakes. Their premise is that earthquakes can’t be predicted and, therefore, there would be no great urgency in reporting any earthquake – it’s of academic interest and of no other real significance.

It’s a woefully inadequate approach to earthquakes, both smug and patronising. Having watched Dutchsinse present his observations regarding earthquake activity, which he’s done on a daily basis for years, it’s apparent that the USGS regularly downplays magnitudes and have actually done a great deal to harm Dutchsinse and his work.

Rather than suggest that earthquakes cannot be predicted, Dutchsinse suggests that the force which travels just below the mantle, leaving earthquakes in its wake, can indeed be predicted and his earthquake forecasts bear this out.

He does a weekly forecast based on what has occurred within the previous few days. I’ll leave his latest weekly forecast video below