under the noon day sun

Political events swirl across nations but here in Australia, in the early summer heat, it’s ‘climate change, no doubt about it’ as the massive bushfires now engulfing great swathes of country continue to burn. 

Heat records continue to be broken but – do they? For how long has mankind had thermometers I wonder. I look it up and 1714 is the year when the modern mercury filled thermometer comes into being so unless there existed accurate ways of recording daily temperature prior to this invention then we’ve the best part of 300 years in which to get our detail. Not much in the larger scheme of things. 

Aboriginal Australia had controlled burn offs as do our remarkable Bush Fire Brigades although complaints of smoke drifting over cities and the continued drought has made back burning more problematic hence less of it. There’s a build up of a huge amount of flammable material sitting there scorching in the sun. 

Over the last few decades there have been more people moving further into the woodland areas - ‘the mighty bush’ – a ‘tree change’ flow to counter the existing move from the country to the city. In these conditions they’re exposed and fairly isolated. 

Not much better here and here the day is still with the fires burning, too close for comfort, to both the north and south. It is incredibly quiet. 

I turn on the radio for bushfire updates and the ‘news.’ Not quiet there and every second phrase is ‘climate change.’ 

Conditions ARE catastrophic. At best, it’s the calm before the storm. 

I’m not an expert in anything and rely on the research of others and my own haphazard checking of facts to determine the truth of a matter … such as … why the dissention between experts when it comes to the causes of a changing climate. Not that you’d know about the dissention if the mainstream news was to be believed. 

Tony Heller does excellent work and his video below testifies to that. It’s an eye-opener and begs the question – what agenda is being served and why are so few checking the basic assumptions. 

A cool photo of a red hot sun.


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