whether it's just the weather

It’s cooler here today but that’s just the weather. The heatwaves are passing, the thunderous storms abating, floods receding, bushfires waning but the effects are long lasting, the trauma is real.

Same situation politically – heatwaves, frigid conditions, extremes in every direction and, like the weather, the trauma is real and the effects long lasting.

I don’t have the resources to travel the world but I do have the time and the internet by which I can metaphorically travel the world and, to some extent, travel further than just this planet, I can listen and absorb.

Voices, endless voices some of whom speak with clarity and some who just string words together, speak them with perhaps sincerity but there’s no lasting meaning to be found.

And then there are the political voices, the Trumps of this world who are so used to lying that they feel no shame in being exposed and, thus, the phrase ‘double down’ enters the vocabulary – when questioned, attack. I’m not singling out Trump – the choice between Trump and Clinton was the same as choosing the plague rather than … the plague.

It’s a light relief to watch episodes of ‘Yes Prime Minister’ just to remind myself that politicians come and go but the bureaucracy, the unelected, those who wield the ‘power behind the throne’ remain in place – where, in fact, they have been placed - and continue to carry out an agenda and to pursue goals many of which most of the population, including myself, are blithely unaware.

Much as I like the BBC it remains the voice of the ‘powers that be’ and stands in contrast to our Australian ABC - also taxpayer funded and commercial free - which tackles most issues of substance and offends both sides of politics. The ABC failed dismally when it came to 9/11 and have, to my knowledge, never shone a spotlight on the underlying aspects of our financial system – the privately owned Central Banks. They are reluctant to take Zionism to task over its dreadful treatment of Palestinians and yet all these things are the ‘elephants in the room’ when it comes to a wider appreciation of why the world is in such a mess.

‘Froth and bubble’ is what we’re offered when it comes to ‘The News.’

I do enjoy Jordan Peterson who speaks with remarkable clarity and nourishes my spirit as he dissects so many aspects of our changing intellectual dynamic … or what passes for it.

It is very still here on this Sunday morning. Blue sky and cool and I do wonder what’s happening in the wider solar system and beyond just as I wonder about the civilisations which have preceded us here on Earth and prior to recorded history.