why do flowers bloom in winter

The bigger picture is quite different for each of us. If I’m homeless my concerns are immediate, smart meters with the real health implications involved are of no concern if I don’t have a wall upon which the meter is to be attached.

Weather modification whether by cloud seeding or other means is a reality but not mentioned in the mainstream media. Fracking, apart from deeply fracturing the ground, poses a real threat to the quality and purity of the water in underground aquifers and it doesn’t matter that some head of a company reassures the public if, in fact, those reassurances are meaningless once the damage is done – and cannot be undone. This isn’t a minor concern and a quick look on Google Earth at the breathtaking extent of fracking operations in the mid west of the U.S.A. will show the bigger picture regarding that particular detail – ‘dutchsinse’ on youtube with his earthquake forecast invariably shows these fracking operations because small earthquakes often occur at these locations.

The bigger picture? In what area? Thunderbolts.org have some wonderful information regarding the electric universe and its implications, implications which profoundly alter our accepted picture of the wider universe.

I was recently able to confirm the existence of a real historical King Arthur, a King of what is now called Glamorgan, in South Wales, who lived in the mid five hundreds and whose existence is written into the Llandaff Charters of which Google have an English translation. That fact hasn’t altered the prevailing view of a legendary King Arthur perhaps based near Glastonbury and one can only wonder why but not really – too much vested interest in maintaining the established view. Too many books written with reputations at risk, too big an established tourist industry and ‘ancient’ British history is a subject best left alone in the view of the ‘powers that be.’ This isn’t a matter of conspiracy theory or some desperate belief but of fact. Why isn’t the existence of a real King Arthur not more widely known if an hour or two of research by me could uncover that fact?

It wasn’t research into King Arthur that interested me but rather an interest into early British history itself. From that comes an interest into the authors who so often get quoted – Gildas, Nennius, Bede, Caesar, Tacitus  – what did they say?

And all the while megalithic structures stand as witness, all over the globe, to a civilisation which precedes the established view which states that prior to ten to twelve thousand years ago mankind had achieved very little apart from a hunter/gatherer lifestyle. Who built these precise fantastic structures and why use such massive blocks of stone in polygonal shapes?  It does tend to make them earthquake proof by virtue of the fact that they’re still standing and then later cultures have built upon these foundations.

All this is in the material world and my life experience indicates that the material world is not ‘the be all and end all.’  

There is a battle being waged upon mankind in which the participants aren’t necessarily aware of the battle or of the dangers inherent in the technologies now being applied. It may sound absurd to suggest that mobile phones have never had a ‘tick of approval’ – but how could they when the health ramifications take years to manifest and, thus, the studies just haven’t been done. Too much money involved and it’s all so convenient and if it turns out that the next generation have had their reproductive systems compromised there’ll be no-one held accountable and those who believe that the planet is over populated will breath a quiet sigh of relief.

I could go on regarding the moves to a one world government but ‘enough said.’ The Federal Reserve certainly sounds as though it were a governmental institution – it’s not, it’s privately owned and always has been but the sly title suggests otherwise. It’s the same for every Central Bank and the financial woes of the world are directly sheeted home to this odious reality. Not one politician will talk about this and it’s as though it were just a fact of life which shouldn’t be questioned.

Still no rain here and remarkable it is that flowers bloom in winter and birds have cause to sing.