Looking for James

He disappeared. Who? James Corbett. 

Youtube is both ruthless and relentless. Putting it down to algorithms misses the point that the algorithms are written by humans, humans with an agenda. If it were otherwise no-one would disappear. 

Much as I found Trump a woeful specimen of humanity, ‘freedom of speech’ should have stopped facebook, twitter and whoever from implementing a ban. 

Anger rises and subsides and I watch the process within myself. There’s so much going on and all of it divisive - not just on a human level - but I’m not powerless and have a voice. 

Do I rant? Is this platform just a soapbox? Closer to the truth may be the image of standing on a mountain, pissing into the wind. Other than that, I speak quietly – that’s what musing implies. 

James Corbett is a meticulous researcher and been an invaluable source of information. I’ve made his reports part of my life for many years. 

I have a few songs on youtube and have my playlists of other videos I’ve found of interest. Youtube’s algorithms don’t give me my subscriptions in any clear fashion so I searched for The Corbett Report only to find that his channel is gone. He knew it was coming and moved elsewhere – bitchute being one such platform. 

This is now a common experience for anyone who questions. 

This is totalitarian control – the smiling face of ‘democracy decayed.’ 

There's the possibility of renewal from decay.

I don't use social media, don't have a smartphone but I can embed videos of interest here.

James Corbett is found on Internet Archive, Bitchute and other platforms however, for some unknown reason, I can't embed them here, on the Bandzoogle platform.

Perhaps this will work.