Here and now in Australia and restrictions have eased enough for music venues to start opening up again. The beginning of summer, red currants swell, turn bright and bejewelled and are transformed into jam. 

Note to self … don’t use too much water, they’re already juicy. 

A crop of garlic takes the best part of six months to mature – plant on the shortest day and pick on the longest day is the good yardstick I’ve been given. They’re about ready now. 

It’s a delight to have a garden and a greater delight to see nature change the rough vision I had decades ago into something more in keeping with what the plants themselves decide to do. Tiger lilies, on long and graceful stems, leap straight up towards the sun, blooming orange and brown against deep green and glossy leaves. The ones I planted under the shade of TreeFerns seem to crouch or lie down rather than leap. They flower nonetheless – an unfolding family of tigers. 

Everything has its time ‘in the sun’. Snowdrops give way to Bluebells and Daffodils, sit cheerfully through winter with the brightly coloured Polyanthus, are replaced by the next group of .. whatever bulbs the earth now contains. I forget what I’ve planted so there are always surprises along the way. 

The news screams headlines about climate change but it’s carbon emissions and ‘hottest on record’ statistics which carry the solemn weight of ‘experts say’ and it’s problematic that our place within a solar system with a star which has cycles, all of which affect our planet, isn’t, as yet, factored in to climate modelling. 

Neither is the fact that the universe is electric or that magnetic north has been and is continuing to go walkabout. It’s quite a dance. 

The problem with ‘experts say’ is the blind faith which is required of me in order to walk, hand in hand, alongside the predictions. Climate denier? Not at all. 

It requires me to question, to do some research, not too complicated. 

It’s the lovely thing about experts – they don’t all agree and while there is no such creature as consensus, there are agendas.