rain - and the garden turns green within days 

“Where do you get your information from?” 

It wasn’t asked in a combative manner, more of a gentle enquiry. 

The subject at hand was consensus in science and my point is that there is no such thing as consensus in science – science is no more settled now than it was when Galileo stunned the orthodoxy of his times. 

Consensus – does it mean ‘a vague general agreement’ or is it specific, detailed, raw data available, able to be replicated? I don’t know – what’s the consensus on that? 

A dentist is a dentist, a plumber a plumber – they’re specialists and ideally they’re ethical and good at their job but it doesn’t take more than a few decades of life experience to know that ‘ideally’ isn’t reality. Same holds true in every profession yet scientists largely escape this sceptical scrutiny. 

Science isn’t dentistry or plumbing – it’s a bigger field with room for research and multiple areas of speciality. It’s physics, geology, chemistry, archaeology – not necessarily fields that overlap anymore than dentistry and plumbing connect. 

To become a Professor – or so it seems to me – requires that you’ve worked within the accepted parameters of whatever discipline you’ve chosen. If true then it’s the status quo in which you stand rather than the uncomfortable cutting edge. It doesn’t indicate a closed mind but if new information makes your professorship outdated, defunct, worthless then there’s a vested interest in denying the evidence and/or attacking the messenger. 

I’m old enough to have seen this happen in the academic world in relation to Velikovsky’s work. It’s a shameful story but, thankfully, his works are still readily available while the handful of academics who tried to effectively destroy him – who knows what became of them. 

Funnily enough it was Velikovsky and his detailed evidence of a cataclysmic past which show climate change at a solar system level. This understanding is in stark contrast to the cosy idea, fostered by western education, that ‘not much has happened – after all, evolution takes millions of years.’ Perhaps it does but it doesn’t follow that those millions of years were uneventful. 

So it’s dogmatic statements such as ‘97% of climate scientists agree …’ which has me questioning EVERY aspect of that study. Was it a rigorous study or a vague questionnaire sent out via the internet. 

These things matter to me and, more to the point, I have the time to research – sounds great but really it just means I go looking – I don’t much care for the names of the bit part players, it’s the truth of the matter which is of concern. 

The next generation down from me are in their forties. There are things in my memory which mean nothing to them. Never heard of Climategate and perhaps don’t know of Watergate. 

Climategate involved the disclosure of emails which detailed the massaging of figures to fit a climate warming trend. It’s in the public domain but I really do appreciate that most of humanity, regardless of outward appearance, are facing tough times and don’t have the time nor inclination to do anything other than accept that the experts being touted about are probably right. 

Local and world political leaders sound the alarm but it’s not about the pollution caused by multi-national mining companies created in countries which somehow don’t matter and hurt people without a voice, not about the island of plastic waste in the Pacific Ocean, the obscenity of fracking or the safety or otherwise of 5G technology, smart meters and the like – no – it’s CO2 and a money making opportunity with carbon trading. 

Well – even if CO2 turns out to be not such a big deal and even if there was a massaging of temperature figures, does that really matter if it makes the world wake up to the extent of the problem? 

It does if it’s based on a lie. 

Surely if I’m correct then this would be, by now, revealed? It is but the accepted narrative via mainstream media won’t present the evidence. Why would they? Doesn’t mean they’re part of a conspiracy but – they go with the flow, don’t rock the boat and know where their pay check comes from. 

“Where do you get your information from?” 

I’ve found Tony Heller a very good source regarding climate fraud and found Suspicious Observers who talk space weather, electric universe and ‘things I have no understanding of.’ 

Yes - ‘things I have no understanding of.’ 

That’s a bloody big field. 


rain across the fire grounds 

The move of websites has been fraught with difficulty but it’s a trivial matter relative to bushfires, devastation and all that’s going on worldwide. 

It feels appropriate when traditional Aboriginal methods of fire control start to make more news here in Australia that it brings to my mind Gurrumul, a most wonderful singer. 

A song of his below. Uplifting ....

whether or not it's the weather 

When the power goes off, ceases to work, it takes perhaps a day and a half before almost everything grinds to a halt. No power for ATM’s, no power to pump the gas, little or no mobile phone coverage, no power to charge the phones. 

Lack of power and the problems cascade and escalate. No drinking water… 

The blame starts and it’s grim. People are talking in code. Weather isn’t part of the conversation, it’s always ‘climate change’ and any questioning of what climate change encompasses is shouted down in no different a manner than a school yard exchange of anger and insult. 

The Sydney Observatory has over a hundred years of temperature records – not hard to find. Can’t help but wonder why no-one appears to use those records. Worth noting that weather stations were not in use uniformly across the continent, they were primarily on the east coast with almost nothing recording the temperatures in the hot centre of the country. This must skew the overall temperature graph because the hot centre is now included. 

My point is not that I’m a climate expert but that I’m happy to look, to check and that’s a damn sight more than most are prepared to do. 

We’ve got bushfires razing the land. We’re in a long drought in a continent renowned for drought, there’s no point in demanding that the Prime Minister ‘do something’ – are the activities of the sun within man’s control? Climate isn’t just CO2. 

Another day of heat coming up and the self righteous, almost religious dogma and fervour sweeping through the media just adds to it. 

Alas, alack, temperatures are not readily available for ‘records broken’ and the like. There are, of course, newspaper records available through a National Library of Australia site called TROVE. 

Anyway enough of the climate … literal and otherwise.

another day in paradise 

“Here’s looking at you – cheers.” 

The pyramid on the back of a dollar bill with the eye in the centre. What a strange symbol to use, nothing to do with everyday life unless you’ve a pyramid somewhere near by – I don’t know of any in the U.S.A. – ‘In God we trust’ on one side with an open ‘all seeing’ eye within a pyramid next to it. Which God, what God, do we ‘trust.’ 

It isn’t the only eye which comes to mind as I watch something on a T.V. screen - a single eye into which I look. Lucky me, it’s not looking back but the next generations do, courtesy of a camera. Why a camera watching me, in my home, would or could be of benefit to me isn’t explained but not much is. 

“Here’s looking at you – cheers.” 

Facial recognition eyes, eyes in the satellites whizzing by, eyes in the dashboard cameras and the eyes in the phone. Are we so interesting? … I’m not. 

A continuous clean up of gardens takes place as a lull in the bushfire threat gives breathing space. I look after a bit more than a quarter of an acre here and it’s as clear of combustible material as makes sense. A neighbour on one side looks after an acre of mostly cleared land while the neighbour on the other side, now dead but nothing changes, was a hoarder living on three adjacent blocks, all of which present a massive threat to me. I haven’t grumbled much about it but helped to clean up, over decades, as best I could. His family, now that he’s gone, make no attempt to rectify the situation and leave me with no option but to report a bushfire hazard and trust that this will result in positive change. 

It’s like appealing to the United Nations if I take that universal notion of ‘An Englishman’s home is his castle’ and expand that out to tribal boundaries and then to national boundaries. 

As a gardener, the edge of this Empire are the fences between me and my neighbours, corrugated iron in this case and buried into the ground which is a great help in keeping out invasive plant species. As a human I aim for good relations with my neighbours just as nations do the same. Or so you’d hope. 

I can’t help but see the parallels between the local and the national, the way in which neighbours interact, what one considers important another sees as trivial and that this carries over into cultural matters, national concerns and power struggles. 

I didn’t assassinate my hoarding neighbour or his family for his complete neglect of any responsibility for prevailing conditions in his garden. 

Scaling things up and why on earth would Trump behave in such an asinine manner as to behave like the Emperor who knows no limits, assassinate and speak as though this is acceptable …  and expect to get away with it. 

Shades of Monty Python and “He’s not the messiah – he’s a very naughty boy.” A bit more serious and it’s not a movie. 

Fire threat here and everywhere else in a military sense and very heartening to witness so much that is wonderful and resilient in the human spirit.

keeping off the roads 

It’s quiet enough for me to hear the ticking of the clock. A cockerel crows, away in the distance, in such a mournful manner that I’d thought it was a beaten dog or a broken person howling. It’s a rooster and doesn’t know the time of day. Quite funny, in a way, as I’m up at dawn and never hear him then – probably tired from crowing all day long. Note to self – avoid that trap. 

Roosters crowing, clocks ticking and assassinations carried out by the thought police surrounding and manipulating Donald Trump. Sleek, well fed faces who’ve given up any pretence to any rule of law. What next? Assasinate U.S. generals who, undoubably, pose a real threat to everyone? Proof? Not needed – they were ‘definitely thinking about it’ – whatever ‘it’ happens to be. 

Enough ranting. There’s an apprentice in the White House only marginally better than the Clintons. What an odious background they all carry. 

And, of course, it suits some agenda to continue with chaotic policies, destroying whole societies in their wake. 

Sigh and no .. not an overarching conspiracy to create a new world order, a one world government but a system designed to do just that – rely on greed and self interest to achieve that aim. 

It’s only in recent times that banks have been able to print money out of thin air. Are you better off because of that act of trickery – I’m not. Negative interest rates? Sounds like fun but unheard of in a real world. Wall Street and Main Street – what symbolic names for two separate realities. One is a parasite upon the other. 

A magpie sings a throaty melodic tune as it wanders the garden beds. Still and quiet is the rest of the neighbourhood. It’s so dry that the mosquitoes have disappeared although a neighbour living next to a hanging swamp reports differently. We observe less bird life and scratch our heads about how to be prepared for bushfire but still leave some covering on what would otherwise be bare earth and a refuge for tiny creatures, small lizards. It’s a quandary for a gardener -  between a rock and a hard place. Meanwhile, for this season, there is no fruit on the trees in this garden, few berries on the canes. 

Within a micro climate of this garden sits a small water feature, a picture below, in which birds bathe and drink. A small pump boosts a trickle of water up through the center and into a cannibalised hose fitting which throws out two tiny sprays. It’s enough to attract the birds who perch in the Treefern fronds overhanging the small pool at the base of the statue. 

They love it, I love it, it was a gift. 

Fires burn but right at this moment all is calm.

fires here - floods elsewhere 

‘Goodwill to all.’ … that’s Christmas and New Year wrapped up in one. 

On another matter, a surprise when a legal phrase stirs the imagination, gives hope. 

I was watching a detailed examination of the South China Sea, the Spratly Islands, in which the concept of freedom of navigation was mentioned. International law allows for maritime zones, adjacent to countries, in which vessels may pass but needs do so by basically travelling in a straight line. To do otherwise, such as travel in a meandering manner, indicates that the vessel doesn’t recognise the dominion of a country over that part of the ocean. 

The U.S. navy has travelled in such a meandering manner – just to let the Chinese know that China’s claim isn’t recognised. None of this concerns me much but the phrase ‘Innocent Passage’ stays with me. It relates to Freedom of Navigation and is the legal phrase which covers the ability and freedom of vessels to stop, start, go in zig zags, turn in circles, do as one wishes, after all it’s a big ocean but, as much to the point, what a wonderful image ‘Innocent Passage’ is for an approach to life. 

Innocent passage and freedom of navigation not just held dear on the high seas but through country and across culture, religion and so on. 

Meanwhile the sun beats down and people are tired and in some shock. Lives lost and fires burning across huge areas, mass evacuations, loss of power … it’s been going for awhile and, without rain, it will continue. It’s not within the power of man to control such conditions. It’s horrible. The aftermath will be immense in terms of challenge. Radio news of a dairy farmer staying in danger with no power, no refrigeration yet because the herd had to be milked he stayed and did it and then had to pour the milk down the hill. Somehow that image sums up so much. 

Here, there are fire fronts within a few miles to the north and south. Our saving grace has been four or five days of fairly still conditions but a change is expected tomorrow. 

It’s very quiet.

under the noon day sun 

Political events swirl across nations but here in Australia, in the early summer heat, it’s ‘climate change, no doubt about it’ as the massive bushfires now engulfing great swathes of country continue to burn. 

Heat records continue to be broken but – do they? For how long has mankind had thermometers I wonder. I look it up and 1714 is the year when the modern mercury filled thermometer comes into being so unless there existed accurate ways of recording daily temperature prior to this invention then we’ve the best part of 300 years in which to get our detail. Not much in the larger scheme of things. 

Aboriginal Australia had controlled burn offs as do our remarkable Bush Fire Brigades although complaints of smoke drifting over cities and the continued drought has made back burning more problematic hence less of it. There’s a build up of a huge amount of flammable material sitting there scorching in the sun. 

Over the last few decades there have been more people moving further into the woodland areas - ‘the mighty bush’ – a ‘tree change’ flow to counter the existing move from the country to the city. In these conditions they’re exposed and fairly isolated. 

Not much better here and here the day is still with the fires burning, too close for comfort, to both the north and south. It is incredibly quiet. 

I turn on the radio for bushfire updates and the ‘news.’ Not quiet there and every second phrase is ‘climate change.’ 

Conditions ARE catastrophic. At best, it’s the calm before the storm. 

I’m not an expert in anything and rely on the research of others and my own haphazard checking of facts to determine the truth of a matter … such as … why the dissention between experts when it comes to the causes of a changing climate. Not that you’d know about the dissention if the mainstream news was to be believed. 

Tony Heller does excellent work and his video below testifies to that. It’s an eye-opener and begs the question – what agenda is being served and why are so few checking the basic assumptions. 

A cool photo of a red hot sun.


a threat to what? 

Fortuitous to receive an email from Jake Morphonios regarding Olive trees for Palestinian farmers. Hopefully I can ‘copy and paste’ and present it here. 

Not only is his cause ‘just’ but you’ll find no trace of hatred in his words which is exactly as it is when he talks about Israel and its policies. 

…. and yet this is also a man whose views – factually based – offends youtube . A video of his, embedded here previously, is no longer available. 

I don’t think Jake made it unavailable. 


I love Palestine and its people. 

Last year, I had the opportunity to harvest olives with Palestinian farmers in the West Bank. It was a moving experience and I want to do my part to continue to support those good, hard-working people. 

PLANTING HOPE IN PALESTINE: Trees for Life is a Palestine Fair Trade Association (PFTA) program that gives thousands of olive trees to farmers starting out, as well as smaller farmers and those whose trees or lands have been destroyed by Israeli forces. 

Unfortunately, many farmers are targeted by Israeli settlers who sneak onto their properties and cut down the olive trees that have been in the Palestinian farmers' families for generations.  

This not only causes deep heartache for the farmers who have cared for the trees for many years, but by eliminating their source of income, the occupiers hope to cause the farmers to have to relocate so that the settlers can take control of their lands. 

Trees for Life helps to combat these challenges by supporting the farmers. 

Since 2006, the project has planted over 173,000 trees! Trees for Life is funded solely by grassroots movements abroad and solely invested in the Palestinian fair trade movement in Palestine. This project helps offset the enormous destruction of olive trees by the Israeli occupation army and violent settlers in Palestine. 

YOU CAN HELP: You can support Trees for Life and plant olive and almond trees in Palestine. $20 plants 3 olive trees. Our fundraising goal is $670, which will purchase ONE HUNDRED olive trees!  

HOW IT WORKS: A committee of PFTA farmers administers the program. Growers must qualify for lots of 25-50 trees. They must have suitable land, the capacity to nurture the trees, fields prepared for planting immediately upon delivery, and a commitment to fair trade practices. Priority for olive trees goes to small farmers, young farmers with inherited or acquired land, women interested in farming, and farmers who have lost trees to the occupation. 

Trees are planted between Tree Day, January 15, and Land Day, March 30. Besides the actual trees planted, this program helps connect the Palestinian farmers and producers in the fair trade movement in Palestine to the grassroots fair trade movement in Europe and North America. 

For a full report on the program, brimming with information, visit: 


Your donation truly makes a difference! 


After the campaign is over, I will publicly post receipts to confirm that every penny raised was given to the PFTA Trees for Life program. 100% of your donation will be used in the purchase of 100 olive trees for Palestinian farmers as they toil to provide for their families under the harsh conditions of a brutal military occupation. 

They need our help. Let's give it to them! 

With gratitude, 

Jake Morphonios