enter a summer 

A glorious day, thankful for small mercies. 

A few hours work produces a few buckets of Bindii – a beautiful but horrid, sharp seeded weed which infests Australian gardens and makes walking barefooted next to impossible. Poison or dig out. Poison leaves them in place and just as sharp so dig out is the meditative option. What luxury to have such a problem and the time to deal with it. Hmm .. eventually took many more hours and a score of buckets to really cover the ground.

Much as what I’ve written about over the years comes or is coming to pass. Cold comfort there and not much point repeating myself too much so I stop writing. 


Cash is now so suspect, due to virus, that the implementation of a new financial system is not only inevitable but will be seen as necessary – a health issue which will also impact the black economy and be sold that way but will do nothing about multi-national corporations who pay no tax at all. 

The negative aspects of a cashless society – the possibility of negative interest rates, of every transaction recorded – what have I to hide is not the question, it’s none of anyone's  ‘right’ to know. 

I’m not a consumer, I’m a citizen. It’s not quaint that I say it, it’s obscene that I need to make the distinction. 

The Federal Reserve – if that fraudulent entity in which the right of a country, in this case the U.S.A., to print its own money is transferred to a privately owned banking group remains a critical issue that most don’t grasp. It infects the world through a worldwide system of Central Banks beholden to the Federal Reserve’s dictates. It’s a fraud. 

As both capitalistic and communist nations use the same financial system it’s a given that both will move easily into the ‘One World Order’ so desired by those already in power. Total control. 

Printing money out of thin air? What could go wrong with that? 

I’m repeating what you already know… or don’t. 

I bought a ‘looper’ the other day. A musical pedal which allows for a few chords or more to be played, recorded and played back for yet another loop if required. What fun and what vistas open up for melody. Yippee for music. 

I approach seventy which is as far as I’ve ever expected to live. Much of what I’ve known or thought I knew or never knew at all is gradually or abruptly discarded. 

And back to the looper and the way in which each day repeats itself or it does for me. Small gains such as ‘taking out’ the Bindii and, more to the point, doing it at the right time matter. The same for so much in life – right action, right time – easy with Bindii but not so with the reefs and shoals, calm water and tempest which surround the deeper issues in life. 

I can’t change that which I see in the wider world as worth mentioning. I have no followers and use no social media but this site, until the internet goes down - a solar flare can do this - has allowed me to speak out, albeit quietly, about … well … 

9/11 – the other event in which it really matters that I’m well informed. Most were too much in shock and awe to note that huge buildings do not conveniently collapse into their own footprints without controlled demolition being involved. 

By understanding both 9/11 and of how we have the present financial system much is revealed. I don’t want belief, facts are independent of belief. 

The Cicadas have burrowed out of the earth and herald the beginning of summer. The chirpy, consistent noise ebbs and flows. They live a mysterious life, most of it underground, make their presence known briefly and then are gone. Much the same for most of us, no doubt. 

Back to the garden while a kind climate prevails.

From winter

and two weeks later and how things change.


Grevious bodily calm 

The quietly busy office of the Curator of Removed Monuments is next door but one to the dimly lit office of the Keeper of Lost Causes. In between is the office of Conspiracies and Belief Systems. Outside lies the Graveyard of Unwanted Statues. Filling up fast. 

There really is a Curator of Unwanted Monuments, it was briefly mentioned in the news today, the rest is fantasy … perhaps. 

It’s Spring here and the winter rains have been sufficient to green  the land. Nature doesn’t miss a beat and while the Magnolia has decided not to bloom, to go straight to leaf, and to have a rest this year, the Tree-Fern garden is full of flower already. 

Elsewhere and otherwise, It feels as though the world is holding its breath. Hard to do if you’re wearing a mask. I don’t like them. It’s a primitive and sensible reaction – I like to look when I’m seeing people – masks get in the way. I wear a mask when I must.

Weather patterns are extreme. Not here, not at the moment but, like everything, subject to change at a moment’s notice. 

Here in Australia withIn the financial world, the world of jobs and real estate and ‘Where are we going on holiday?’ – if only we could afford one - it’s the calm before the storm and only ‘calm’ because of government help which ends soon. 

The Keeper of Lost Causes mourns – it goes with the territory. So many causes, righteous but lying dusty, unrecognised, bloodied and battered, too many distractions with too many immediate concerns to bring visitors to this office. 

Mental Health is much in the news – how to maintain it. I don’t know. I have a personal goal musically which helps. It’s just to ‘improve’ which, of course, implies practice. Walking and gardening make a difference for me. 

“Grievous bodily calm …” in his excitement, the reporter didn’t quite get the words right and it made me smile but it certainly presents an image reminiscent of Orwell’s 1984, the Ministry of Truth with Newspeak and Doublethink.   

The slogans that this virus has thrown up – ‘Staying apart keeps us together’ – this would be a nonsense but for the pandemic. 

Big Brother is now a well established reality t.v. show not different in essence to the ‘real’ Big Brother of 1984 fame although the consequences are at present different. And via our devices Big Brother IS watching and certainly recording the data with China showing the world how to capture a population beyond the dreams of any previous Emperor. The difference, from then to now, being the diminishing ability to entertain freedom of thought and, if fortunate, experience freedom of expression. Big Brother is not and never was benign. 

‘Peace for our time.’ said Neville Chamberlain, waving a piece of paper, just prior to World War 2 and now Israel trumpets the same lie in respect to Middle East recognition from Arab neighbours whose countries didn’t exist in present form when Israel started its present incarnation. No peace deals with the Palestinians offered so – nothing to applaud which doesn’t sound hollow. 

A video below with James Corbett, researcher extraordinaire, and well worth your time.


to mark the day 


Two planes  ...    three towers 

Can’t get those images  from out my head 

Two planes  ...   three towers 

A few thousand here then millions dead 

 I looked at it once and it wouldn’t go away 

I looked at it twice and it was gone within days 

Is it only the architects who question the rubble 

where the towers used to be? 

.....  all fall down, free fall down ..... impossible 

Two wars  ....  no cause 

No bringing of freedom to a soul 

Not one  ....  just blood 

and the tears and the oil and the gold            

I looked at it hard and it wouldn’t go away 

I looked hard again and it was gone within days 

Is it only engineers who question the rubble 

where the towers used to be? 

.....  all fall down, free fall down ..... impossible 

Two planes  ...  three towers 

A conjurer’s trick to deceive 

Who gains?  ....  another tale 

It’s only physics here revealed 

.....  all fall down, free fall down ..... impossible



Is it really a matter of .... nothing to see here 

‘The Death of Stalin’ – the film rather than the event – stays in mind for the wonderful, black humoured way in which it shows a totalitarian system with the leader as unquestioned and which, inevitably, corrupts and diminishes all concerned. 

It does for totalitarian politics what ‘The Life of Brian’ does for religion. The connection being the absurdity of much of human interaction when a rigid acceptance of ‘the Leader’ replaces free thought and free speech. 

God knows religion has much to answer for but totalitarian systems, of which we’ve had a few, inevitably replaces whatever God may be  with  a human being … a human being what? … usually ‘being hideous.’ 

Can’t achieve much when despots rule. 

Meanwhile the anniversary of 9/11 approaches and will probably pass with no scrutiny. 

A fine video below as to who the actors were.

Elephants on tip toe 

I was a child when fascist Mussolini briefly strutted a world stage but the image of a barnyard rooster, the puffed out chest and the dramatic poses remains clear. 

When Trump took the stage, utterly unprepared then as now, the same image came to mind. 

There are many voices whom I respect who then astound me by supporting Trump. If they’d voted Trump because they couldn’t stomach the Clintons – that I understand but to turn a blind eye to Trump’s constant lying and to all the character faults which come with such an ingrained disregard for truth beggars belief. 

‘There are alternatives’ think I but I’m not sure that there really are. 

So much going on while the virus IS the daily headline that it’s easy to miss such newsworthy items what would have been considered remarkable a year or so back. 

The tacit admission by the U.S. military that UFO’s are real, as evidenced by the videos released, should be raising immediate questions – Roswell as an example - but it’s not so. 

That the Palestinians have been shafted yet again in their justifiable quest for something more than a puddle to sit in. Seventy years of lies from Israel comes down to ‘Get what you get and be thankful.’ 

What an odious way to treat your fellow man. 

Barely makes the news. 

The anniversary of 9/11 and the ongoing quest to reveal the truth of that matter … what truth? …. a forty seven story building, not hit by a plane, which collapsed in such a manner that demolition is the only method which duplicates, in the ‘lab’ of computer modelling and also taking a four year study to reveal, that which occurred. 

Hasn’t made the news despite the implications. 

That the Federal Reserve, privately owned, continues to steal the wealth of the world. Privately owned? It’s not in dispute regardless of the fact that most think it’s a government institution. 

Mob rule – that used to conjure up images of rioters but it also is the case that ‘The Mob’ do rule in one form or another and … Republican or Democrat, right or left, socialist and so on, these labels hold no clear meaning for me. 

Totalitarian rule or the threat of it stalks the streets of America while Trump, narcissist that he is, plants the seeds of civil war with his inflammatory nonsense about ‘ .. if I lose the election it’s because it’s rigged.’ 

A buffoon in the White House. 

Late winter day and almost warm so a walk is in the offing. Flowers sniff the air and the bold put forth their colours. It’s a cheerful sight. 

Music in the air. I’ll keep practicing and playing.


now - where did I put my face? 

‘Saving face’ – pretending that appearance is reality – brings its own problems, one of which is echoed in the story of the Emperor’s new clothes which, of course, were non-existent but no-one but a small child had the innocence or courage to mention the obvious, whereupon, in the story, the ‘spell’ was broken, the nakedness revealed. 

An unnamed Chinese official mentions the obvious in respect to the South China Sea and the conflicting interests of all the countries which border this body of water – they are small, we are big. 

It may not have been the exact words but the large/small aspect was ‘writ large’ in the message – ‘Might is right.’ It isn’t. That’s not to say it doesn’t work but it doesn’t make it right. 

The English Channel is not owned by Britain, The name describes location not ownership just as it does with the South China Sea. 

The spiritual sources of Chinese culture have much to say about Empire, the move to expansion and the dangers of neglecting the edges of the Empire and the legitimate interests of neighbouring countries. If they’re not dealt with in a fair manner the build up of resentment will manifest. Much better for the Empire to show some moral courage and place their interests below their smaller neighbours – a process which encourages trust and goodwill. 

I haven’t absorbed this from a British upbringing but from Chinese sources which have stood the test of time and whose principles apply equally to the running of a household, a garden or an Empire. 

The British Empire had a democracy of sorts at home but didn’t do likewise within its empire. The empire is gone, resentment remains. Same for the American Empire, teetering on the brink as its currency is devalued and its society hollowed out. 

There is no magic answer to what besets the world. Here it’s cold but the sun shines. All looks normal. I know it’s not. 

I’ve finished reading Velikovsky’s ‘Ages in Chaos’ which, unless you’re very familiar with both Hebrew and Egyptian histories which I’m not, is not an easy read. He makes the case for there being a six hundred year disparity with these histories and that, for the accounts to match, one of these accepted histories is wrong. 

Where his book ‘Worlds in Collision’ fired my imagination and changed my perception of the past, this work goes into such minute detail – as it must – that my eyes glaze over and I’m none the wiser as to Egyptian and Hebrew chronology except to recognise that history is a fabric much patched and perhaps unrecognisable to those who actually lived it. 

Thank God for music and the time and inclination to play, practice and develop.

It's morning here, a mid winter morning with mourning yet to come 

It’s difficult to maintain discipline while in retreat and the spread of an invisible virus, the immediate enemy, has seen borders closed, reopened then closed again. It’s exhausting and much the same everywhere across the world. 

An ‘Outbreak at the Crossroads Hotel’ sounds like a ‘shoot ‘em up’ film script but this real and symbolic outbreak occurred here recently and so the back and forth of lockdown then cautious reopening continues with the virus paying no heed to first wave, second wave artificial distinctions. 

The virus has been compared with 9/11 in terms of impact and implication which is both sad and ironic as the ‘news’ revealed by the University of Alaska, Fairbanks shows that office fires could not have brought down Building 7 and that, in fact, only a controlled demolition could have mirrored what was seen on that day. 

This ‘world shattering’ news has been completely ignored by the media. How can that be? Wilful ignorance? 

While western media ignore what has or should have been apparent since that fateful day it cannot have escaped the notice of China or Russia – or, for that matter, the intelligence services of most countries and this makes me wonder whether there’s a tacit agreement to not expose this knowledge, regardless of apparent political differences, in view of a greater goal, a ‘new world order’ which, of course, means total control. 

The best laid plans of mice and men oft go astray. 

Meanwhile the garden stirs as mid winter arrives. Early morning frosts, a walk later and time for some guitar. 

A video below about the Australian version of the Yeti or Sasquatch, here named the Yowie.



now and change 

A quiet winter day, no wind as yet, brilliant blue sky and early bulbs already in flower. The seasons flow and generally do so with slow and steady change. Everything looks as it should but while sun, rain and the good earth remain as the foundation in nature the same can’t be said for the continuation of human affairs. 

And as the fragility of societies becomes more evident the plans of nations continue. Israel continues its jackbooted, ruthless behaviour towards its neighbours, China becomes more assertive in its totalitarian march, America has Trump and the people have facebook and twitter with both censorship and advertisements. 

Since the virus arrived cash has become suspicious to handle which makes it all the easier to do away with it and ‘go digital’ with all the negative implications. 

It does have the potential to give us the new world order desired by the few – perhaps the many. 

Perhaps twelve years ago I came across Griff Hamlin’s ‘4 note blues.’ It was a revelation or at least a light-bulb moment for me. 

‘I’ve got four fingers’ thought I as if that realisation were on a par with discovering the new world … it was inasmuch as I’d contented myself with strumming guitar for the previous few decades. 

I’m a slow learner and not much disciplined but progress is progress albeit slow. I’ve learnt, more or less, to hold the pick without it disappearing on me, applied myself to learning the patterns within the ‘five blues boxes’ and it’s starting to come together - ‘starting’ being the operative word. 

It brings me quiet joy and something to bring to the musical table when the local pub reopens its ‘plug and play’ nights – who knows when. 

Life continues as best it can with a wary eye on the future and no trust at all in ‘the powers that be.’ 

Here’s Griff’s ‘4 note blues’ and you don’t need to be a guitarist to appreciate what he achieves.


As the days get longer 

‘Don’t rock the boat, upset the apple cart, throw the baby out with the bathwater’, they all fall under the cautionary umbrella – some personal and others applicable in the wider world. 

 Google Earth is a great tool but that’s where my interest in Google ceases. Hard to avoid google when youtube is owned by them. 

I have a youtube channel with very little content, a few songs with a photo and that’s about it. I do create playlists on subjects which interest me and it’s this activity which prompts emails from google, acting like the proverbial ‘big brother’ of 1984 fame. 

‘Is this your activity?’ paraphrased not quoted. 

‘None of your business’ think I and take no notice. 

Another email requesting that I complete setting up ‘my account’ so that they can better serve my interests and tailor advertisements. I haven’t bothered and don’t like their algorithm’s tone of voice. 

Not much point in getting cross about algorithms. I don’t use social media and have no smart phone. Ultimately I have no trust in the use to which technology is focused – tracking citizens, social credit scores - and in the hands of a totalitarian State, a bleak reality already present. 

I know that my life is easily tracked regardless of a less than cool embrace with technology. My voice here is a whisper in a choir but it does disturb me when yet another voice falls silent because youtube’s ‘terms’ have been violated. 

No reason is ever given for these violations and the sites I visit are intelligent, questioning – the very sites that need be given voice. 

‘Don’t be evil’ used to be Google’s motto, quietly dropped in favour of ‘Do the right thing.’ 

Google is become evil, a poisoned chalice, a non accountable entity in the service of an agenda. It's the same with facebook no doubt.

You can’t argue with a computer, it serves no purpose. 

It’s a relief and a joy to have Velikovsky’s ‘Ages in Chaos’ to read as the Winter Solstice passes and the garden settles in for the slow return to Spring.

And a video for fun.