Fare thee well 

I’m hard pressed to know what to say about death. Always a shock even if expected but shock upon shock, reverberations when unexpected. Such it has been for Ross Broadstock the guiding light of BritainsHiddenHistory channel on youtube who died of a heart attack, too young, too vibrant. 

He leaves an ongoing priceless legacy in the bringing to light the works of Wilson and Blackett, historians of the highest calibre and in the personal ‘out in the field’ research that Ross achieved. 

I never met Ross in person but felt as though I’d got to know something of the essence of the man by virtue of his videos. 

‘Fare thee well’, Ross. I’d been trying for months to get a phonetic version of that glorious Welsh song ‘Yma o Hyd’ – much loved world wide but difficult to sing for a non Welsh speaker. Ross also enjoyed trying to sing this song. I finally managed to write a reasonably o.k. phonetic version which I’d have sent to Ross had he not died. 

An English translation of the chorus reads “We are still here. We are still here. Despite everyone and everything, we are still here.” Poignant, given the circumstance. 

This is the video. There is a free, downloadable mp3 on the music page here. 

These are the phonetic lyrics. 

                              DOIT  TEAMYN  COVIO  MACSEN 

                              DOICE  NERE  BENEE  NABO  DOR 

                        MY MILL  ACH  WAY  CANT O  FLYNETHOI 

                                  EN AMSER HE HIR I’R COR 

                    PANNETH  MAGNUS MAXIMUS O GUMRI 

                         IN EH FLOYTHEN TRI CHANT WITHEE TREE 

                          AN   GADAEL  IN  GENED L  GUFAN   

                                   A   HETHUW  WELE   NI 


                                    RINNEE  YAMA O  HEED 

                                     RINNEE  YAMA O HEED 

                              ER GWYTHER PAWB A FOPETH  x 3 

                                    RINNEE  YAMA O HEED 

                    HOOKTHED AH GWINT OR  DEWRYNE 

                         RHEE-ED  AH  STARM  OR MORE 

                        HOCHTED  AH  MARE  ER  WIBREN 

                     AH  GWEYTHED  AH   DARAN  ENCOR 


                      A  THLUVED  A  TIE-OG  A  THLAWR 

                  ER  DEE-ED   YUR VAXEE   ON  COUMPASS 

                     RINI  BAROD   AM  DORIAD  A  WAWR 

                                      RINNEE YAMA O HEED  etc     

                             COVEEYO  KNEE  VACSEN  WLEDIG 

                            AARDILE  EIN  GWLAD  INUN  DARN 

                          A BLOITHION  GEBRON  A  GWLEDITH 

                        FORTHEMAMA HAIR  DEETH  A VARN 

                        ER GWYTHER  POB  DICK-SION  DAVITH 

                          ER  GWYTHER  EN  VACHEE  ECHREW 

                          BYTHIYAMA    HEED   DEWETH  AMSER 

                         A  BITHREE-AITH  GYMRAEG  IN  VIEW 

                               RINNEE YAMA O HEED  etc    x  2 

As for who IS the Mascen Wledig mentioned in the song – ancestors and descendants – a screenshot here of the charts courtesy of Ross.

when trust is broken 

Did CIA Director William Casey really say, "We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false"? 

According to Barbara Honegger who was there when Ronald Reagan first met with William Casey it is an accurate quote but there’s always context to shade a meaning. Nonetheless trust in Government of any persuasion is long gone. 

From Quora: On Sep 21, 2014, at 8:59 PM, Barbara Honegger wrote: 

> Seriously -- I personally was the Source 
> for that William Casey quote. He said it 
> at an early Feb. 1981 meeting in the 
> Roosevelt Room in the West Wing of 
> the White House which I attended, and 
> I immediately told my close friend and 
> political godmother Senior White House 
> Correspondent Sarah McClendon, who 
> then went public with it without naming 
> the source ... 

Do I trust the source is my next question so Casey’s comment has served its purpose. 

Musing on what I may or may not know to be true and false flag operations come to mind. No doubt they’re carried out by many a country but it’s the U.S.S. Liberty incident which immediately pops into view literally as youtube kindly ‘suggests’ it – probably due to algorithms but who knows. 

If you’re not familiar with this shameful incident in which Israel attacked the U.S.S. Liberty – basically a spy ship – and Lyndon Johnson, scurvy rogue President, turned his back on his own countrymen rather than offend Israel with an expose of the affair. To the dismay of both countries the ship and some crew survived to tell the tale. 

this is essentially an apologetic for the incident. A ‘nothing untoward’ piece delivered with sincerity. Suggests that it was all a mistake. 

this is the testimony of someone who was there on the ship when the attack happened. It wasn’t a mistake. 

Johnson followed Kennedy as President and the papers regarding the Kennedy assassination which were due to be released by Trump didn’t occur. Trump thought them too dangerous, too revealing, it hardly matters what his excuse was, the result is more secrecy. Why and who is it that needs to be protected after all this time. 

Why would anyone trust in politicians. Sincerity counts for nothing if, unwittingly, one has become a mouthpiece for lies. Witness the ‘weapons of mass destruction’ nonsense which preceded the war in Iraq. Failure of intelligence? Whose intelligence? Yours – mine? 

The war for the hearts and minds continues apace and, apart from 9/11 research, it’s the history of Central Banks and in particular the birth of the Federal Reserve which occupied my attention. Privately owned although you and I can’t buy shares and it’s neither Federal nor Reserve. 

Woodrow Wilson was President at the time and this is what he said regarding the Federal Reserve: 

“I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country. A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit. Our system of credit is concentrated. The growth of the nation, therefore, and all our activities are in the hands of a few men. We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated Governments in the civilized world - no longer a Government by free opinion, no longer a Government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a Government by the opinion and duress of a small group of dominant men.” … said by Woodrow Wilson after signing the Federal Reserve into existence. 

There is of course dispute over whether or not he said it however the salient fact here is that the Federal Reserve IS privately owned. 

Hmm. Something to ponder. 

Something more cheerful to finish off – Michael Sheldrake “Science set free.” 

Meanwhile La Nina continues, the garden is sodden but is as prepared for summer as can be managed … and I find time to continue my education with BritainsHiddenHistory – remarkable that this history, hidden though it’s been, parallels that of Aboriginal Australia and Indigenous cultures worldwide. 

and then there's this as food for thought

Two planes - Three towers 

A cool, early Spring day, blue sky, strong breeze. A walk around the garden, among the Treeferns, snowdrops, daffodils, hyacinth, the whites, yellows and blues and mixed feelings. The day here is 9/11. 

I spent four hours or so yesterday witnessing presentation after presentation of technical information about the destruction of the Twin Towers and of Building 7. 

I don’t have time nor inclination to bother with conspiracy theories, not when real conspiracies continue. 

I had the remarkable and apparently unusual experience of witnessing those events on the day of 9/11. Unusual because the early morning in New York was close to midnight here as I returned home after an evening shift at a Group Home. 

I turned on the television news just after the first plane struck and every network had their cameras trained on the first tower. The shock of such an accident occurring transformed into a deeper shock when the second plane struck and ‘accident’ must be replaced with ‘deliberate action.’ Horrifying. 

It was very quiet here, most of the country asleep as it was for many parts of the world. Elsewhere people are at work, school, in bars, on trains and all are getting small fractions of the events – they’re otherwise occupied while I am not. 

I witnessed everything being reported over the course of the next ten or twelve hours, uninterrupted. I didn’t go into ‘shock and awe.’ 

The behaviour of the Twin Towers as they collapsed, the free fall neatly into their own footprints, the subsequent collapse of Building 7 also into its own footprint – nothing like this has ever been seen before and nothing remotely like it has happened since. 

Pause for thought? 

I know that after twenty one years – a generation - the perpetrators walk free, don’t give a damn and have the power to silence – no – not to silence but to certainly put obstacle after obstacle in the way of the thousands of Architects, Engineers, Pilots, Firemen and First Responders who not only question the shameful official narrative but have proved their case. 

I understand that many are unaware or have mortgages to pay or who shrug and go about their business. I don’t have that luxury, that blissful ignorance and while I’ll now go do some gardening, the temperature a balmy 8 degrees, whole societies have been destroyed in the wake of those events and millions displaced, disfigured or dead. 

I can’t hope to have any understanding of the world we now inhabit without understanding 9/11. This is the uncomfortable truth and  ... while I have a voice ...


.........with each year that passes the mainstream media regurgitate the official narrative. Why there should be such a phrase – ‘official narrative’ indicates that ‘another narrative’ exists but – repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the accepted truth. The books ‘1984’ and ‘Brave New World’ showed different versions of a dystopian future. I’ve watched discussions about which version has turned out to be closer to the truth and, perhaps, both are equally applicable without necessarily being obvious. 

What’s that to do with the events of 9/11? The mainstream media, each year without fail, trot out their programs, never questioning anything and the ‘why’ of that is partly that ‘who dares talk truth to power’ runs real risk coupled with that sly observation … ‘who are we to question received history?’ Twenty one years is a long time to reflect on the many events, coincidences and inconsistencies of that day. Perhaps civil war would erupt if the truth were known. We’re already at war. Thanks to all who contribute towards revealing the truth.


just checking 

“Just checking” is what I’ve done about the issues that have led the world to the state we’re in. Where the money comes from, how 9/11 happened, why Israel can treat the Palestinians as sub human and get away with it. This isn’t ‘the news’ but for mentioning and questioning these subjects is to go against the flow and meet obstruction. 

I’d left this site alone after a thousand posts. I came back as a ‘visitor’ and scrolled down the ‘news’ section only to find that the ‘next’ icon didn’t work. Got it fixed within a minute or so when I queried it but … how does that happen in the first place? The default position would and should be that ‘next’ takes you to ‘next.’ Ah – paranoia, probably on a list of neerdowells and assorted trouble makers. 

So climate change questioning is a touchy subject – lots of clever minds to come up with such delights as ‘carbon footprint.’ 

Quoting wiki : 

“The use of household carbon footprint calculators originated when oil producer BP hired Ogilvy to create an "effective propaganda" campaign to shift responsibility of climate change-causing pollution away from the corporations and institutions that created a society where carbon emissions are unavoidable and onto personal lifestyle choices. The term "carbon footprint" was also popularized by BP.” 

That should give pause for thought. 

I have a garden, a creative delight and through the depths of Winter here, the zero and below, a particular flower blooms, close to the soil and with the bright and vibrant colours a child might paint. Polyanthus bloom through the snow and herald the Spring. 


The resilience of flowers.


content - as in substance not 'content' as in feeling good 

Youtube is indeed censorious and Tony Heller needing to move to other platforms is proof of that. If his latest video, presented here, gets deleted on youtube and a blank screen appears then draw your own conclusions.

James Corbett is now available on bitchute but I can't easily place his videos there onto this site. A remarkable researcher.

This site, which attracts very little traffic, started as a place to put my songs - as this is my 1000 post I'll place a song or three here. It's appropriate.

and another which is still a vital issue

and another which is age restricted. The images that the film maker uses don't reflect the mist of the Blue Mountains where, quietly, the song came together but - as he noted - film from aeons ago is hard to come by.

The songs that are on youtube  are now also on bitchute.

there was a time before covid 


There’s such a torrent of information becoming available now that focus on a few things serves more purpose than the alternative. 

Whilst Covid related items dominate the ‘news’ everything else that made one wonder a few years ago continues apace. 

The three and a half thousand brave souls who make up Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth continue in their noble quest notwithstanding the failure to generate interest by the ‘news services’ into the recent but now ‘yesterdays news’ item regarding the four year study into the collapse of Building 7 which concluded that controlled demolition is the only mechanism which faithfully reproduces what the filmed evidence of that day actually shows. 

That’s explosive news by anyone’s standards. The whole world’s been affected, societies destroyed and waves of refugees continue to wash up all over Europe. It didn’t make the news. 

What’s so hard to understand – controlled demolition means that bearded terrorists flying planes were the patsies, the bit part players, the useful fools, the outward show, the theatre piece designed to provide the ‘shock and awe’ necessary to propel the world into the desired war. It worked and with every year that passes the ‘Remembrances of 9/11’ reinforce the lie of the official story. 

‘Due diligence’ by the news services isn’t evident in this matter. 

Israel is finally being called out as an apartheid State and while that’s appropriate it’s the callous and deceitful way in which the Palestinians are treated – dealt with as a problem – which should provoke outrage in Government circles as well as by the ‘people’. 

Anti Jewish – no. Anti Zionist – what’s a Zionist but a fascist dressed otherwise. Yes – Anti fascist … anti the abuse of power. 

The U.S. Government earnestly produces an almost nothing report acknowledging that ‘stuff is flying around’ and …… ‘we don’t know much about it but we’ll get back to you. Let’s not call them UFO’s but call them UAP’s which is nicely vague and sounds new.’ 

Such an astounding admission about a subject which has been deliberately ridiculed for decades and …. it barely made the news. 

‘Are we alone in the Universe’ is a pretty basic question and deserves better than scant attention. 

There’s a problem with trust or the lack of it. 

Climate change models that take no account of the cycles of our sun and of those effects upon the planet aren’t worth the paper that they’re printed on. No due diligence done and blank looks if I mention the fraud of CO2 as an issue, handy though it is as a money making scheme. 

It’s been a solace and delight over the last many years to look out into the solar system and beyond and, recently, to look back through various interpretations of history. 

This bit of writing is long enough so three short videos to finish here. 

Suspicious Observers keeps me posted on space weather news, the sun’s activity and ‘electric universe stuff.’ A five minute daily offering.


British Hidden History is a treasure trove that I’m in the process of discovering.



And a remarkable series about the origin of the zodiac and its physical representation across the landscape of North Wales.


"An apocalypse is a disclosure or revelation of great knowledge." These are the times we're living through. 

There was a time when I believed in giants – the reality of their existence, if not now then within human memory. Same could be said for fairies, trolls, dwarves and the inhabitants of my childhood stories – and then I put them away, relegated to fantasy. 

This is no longer the case. The evidence for giants having existed is littered throughout newspaper reports from the 1800’s of skeletons discovered, only to then have the physical evidence disappear. 

Begs the question – ‘Why?’ Begs the further question – ‘Who benefits?’ 

If I mention corruption all know what it is I mean. If I add the word theory to make the phrase ‘corruption theory’ the phrase is both absurd and laughable yet conspiracy – accepted by all until recent times as equally a reality as corruption – now is rarely seen without the dreaded word ‘theory’ added. It’s absurd and laughable and accepted without question. Not by me. The same questions arise. 

‘There are no small parts, only small actors’ is quoted by directors trying to fill the small roles in a play. It’s true and I tried to bring that sensibility into the small roles I had, decades ago, within the play, ‘The Life of Galileo.’ 

Galileo is being questioned by the religious authorities of the day for daring to suggest ideas contrary to accepted wisdom. This is a life and death matter for Galileo and, for me, having the small role as the one doing the questioning – how do I find the mentality of such a man? ‘My’ life is ruled by dogma, constrained by belief, utterly devoid of Christ’s injunction to ‘love your neighbour’ and ‘Do unto others as you’d have done to yourself’ – ideas far too revolutionary if the power of the Church is threatened. Galileo discovered the moons of Jupiter which makes a lie of the Earth being the center of the Universe.

I’d be shocked, angered, unwilling to look at the evidence because, BECAUSE …. ‘The Bible says …. and you, Galileo, are daring to suggest that the Bible is WRONG.’ 

I don’t know that I was a very good actor. The man whose part I played would not have seen himself as a bigot, more a soldier for God, a weapon using righteous anger to destroy both Galileo and his telescopic instrument. The work of the Devil. 

All that took place hundreds of years ago and nothing much has changed. ‘Cancel culture’ – whether political or social - shuts down debate, reduces discussion to slogans of derision and does its best to keep creating a continuing climate of confusion and fear. 

Mysticism, the Other … that which is not materialism. We wouldn’t have words such as mysticism, spirituality, intuition, if direct experience didn’t call them into being. There’s comfort in that. 

While the world continues to lurch and stagger its way into some uncertain future I’ve had the opportunity and time to delve into the past, to British history in particular, world history by association and to the understanding that Velikovsky and others have concluded – that the timeline of history is skewed. I’m not sure of the wider implications of this but it dovetails nicely into the deliberate destruction of a British history, accepted until the 1700’s but not suitable for the political ends of a recent, uncertain royal dynasty on the British throne. 

I’d know none of this but for the research of others. And the context they bring. 

Somehow this brings me back to giants. Why such a subject should provoke a response where ‘destroy or hide the evidence’ is seen as acceptable is beyond me. What difference does it make whether giants existed or not. Life goes on. We’re not talking about monks of a thousand years ago copying, perhaps changing or outright destroying ancient manuscripts because they don’t conform to church dogma, in effect, changing, rearranging history … this is conscious, modern activity within my great grandfathers lifetime. 

It beggars belief and belief is both the prism and the problem when it comes to history. 

I’m rambling somewhat. Where such questions as ‘Are we alone in the Universe?’ - which I’ve established to my own satisfaction that we aren’t -  mattered to me, to my father it was a matter of some irritation when I raised it …. ‘What difference does it make? I’ll still have to catch the 7.35 bus to work.’ 

An inadequate response but … good to keep a sense of humour. 

I don’t know what he’d have made of Yowie reports here in Australia. Too many to be ‘tall tales’ and given the vast forests in which to roam, yet another of life’s mysteries worth exploration.