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Youtube is indeed censorious and Tony Heller needing to move to other platforms is proof of that. If his latest video, presented here, gets deleted on youtube and a blank screen appears then draw your own conclusions.

James Corbett is now available on bitchute but I can't easily place his videos there onto this site. A remarkable researcher.

This site, which attracts very little traffic, started as a place to put my songs - as this is my 1000 post I'll place a song or three here. It's appropriate.

and another which is still a vital issue

and another which is age restricted. The images that the film maker uses don't reflect the mist of the Blue Mountains where, quietly, the song came together but - as he noted - film from aeons ago is hard to come by.

The songs that are on youtube  are now also on bitchute.

there was a time before covid 


There’s such a torrent of information becoming available now that focus on a few things serves more purpose than the alternative. 

Whilst Covid related items dominate the ‘news’ everything else that made one wonder a few years ago continues apace. 

The three and a half thousand brave souls who make up Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth continue in their noble quest notwithstanding the failure to generate interest by the ‘news services’ into the recent but now ‘yesterdays news’ item regarding the four year study into the collapse of Building 7 which concluded that controlled demolition is the only mechanism which faithfully reproduces what the filmed evidence of that day actually shows. 

That’s explosive news by anyone’s standards. The whole world’s been affected, societies destroyed and waves of refugees continue to wash up all over Europe. It didn’t make the news. 

What’s so hard to understand – controlled demolition means that bearded terrorists flying planes were the patsies, the bit part players, the useful fools, the outward show, the theatre piece designed to provide the ‘shock and awe’ necessary to propel the world into the desired war. It worked and with every year that passes the ‘Remembrances of 9/11’ reinforce the lie of the official story. 

‘Due diligence’ by the news services isn’t evident in this matter. 

Israel is finally being called out as an apartheid State and while that’s appropriate it’s the callous and deceitful way in which the Palestinians are treated – dealt with as a problem – which should provoke outrage in Government circles as well as by the ‘people’. 

Anti Jewish – no. Anti Zionist – what’s a Zionist but a fascist dressed otherwise. Yes – Anti fascist … anti the abuse of power. 

The U.S. Government earnestly produces an almost nothing report acknowledging that ‘stuff is flying around’ and …… ‘we don’t know much about it but we’ll get back to you. Let’s not call them UFO’s but call them UAP’s which is nicely vague and sounds new.’ 

Such an astounding admission about a subject which has been deliberately ridiculed for decades and …. it barely made the news. 

‘Are we alone in the Universe’ is a pretty basic question and deserves better than scant attention. 

There’s a problem with trust or the lack of it. 

Climate change models that take no account of the cycles of our sun and of those effects upon the planet aren’t worth the paper that they’re printed on. No due diligence done and blank looks if I mention the fraud of CO2 as an issue, handy though it is as a money making scheme. 

It’s been a solace and delight over the last many years to look out into the solar system and beyond and, recently, to look back through various interpretations of history. 

This bit of writing is long enough so three short videos to finish here. 

Suspicious Observers keeps me posted on space weather news, the sun’s activity and ‘electric universe stuff.’ A five minute daily offering.


British Hidden History is a treasure trove that I’m in the process of discovering.



And a remarkable series about the origin of the zodiac and its physical representation across the landscape of North Wales.


"An apocalypse is a disclosure or revelation of great knowledge." These are the times we're living through. 

There was a time when I believed in giants – the reality of their existence, if not now then within human memory. Same could be said for fairies, trolls, dwarves and the inhabitants of my childhood stories – and then I put them away, relegated to fantasy. 

This is no longer the case. The evidence for giants having existed is littered throughout newspaper reports from the 1800’s of skeletons discovered, only to then have the physical evidence disappear. 

Begs the question – ‘Why?’ Begs the further question – ‘Who benefits?’ 

If I mention corruption all know what it is I mean. If I add the word theory to make the phrase ‘corruption theory’ the phrase is both absurd and laughable yet conspiracy – accepted by all until recent times as equally a reality as corruption – now is rarely seen without the dreaded word ‘theory’ added. It’s absurd and laughable and accepted without question. Not by me. The same questions arise. 

‘There are no small parts, only small actors’ is quoted by directors trying to fill the small roles in a play. It’s true and I tried to bring that sensibility into the small roles I had, decades ago, within the play, ‘The Life of Galileo.’ 

Galileo is being questioned by the religious authorities of the day for daring to suggest ideas contrary to accepted wisdom. This is a life and death matter for Galileo and, for me, having the small role as the one doing the questioning – how do I find the mentality of such a man? ‘My’ life is ruled by dogma, constrained by belief, utterly devoid of Christ’s injunction to ‘love your neighbour’ and ‘Do unto others as you’d have done to yourself’ – ideas far too revolutionary if the power of the Church is threatened. Galileo discovered the moons of Jupiter which makes a lie of the Earth being the center of the Universe.

I’d be shocked, angered, unwilling to look at the evidence because, BECAUSE …. ‘The Bible says …. and you, Galileo, are daring to suggest that the Bible is WRONG.’ 

I don’t know that I was a very good actor. The man whose part I played would not have seen himself as a bigot, more a soldier for God, a weapon using righteous anger to destroy both Galileo and his telescopic instrument. The work of the Devil. 

All that took place hundreds of years ago and nothing much has changed. ‘Cancel culture’ – whether political or social - shuts down debate, reduces discussion to slogans of derision and does its best to keep creating a continuing climate of confusion and fear. 

Mysticism, the Other … that which is not materialism. We wouldn’t have words such as mysticism, spirituality, intuition, if direct experience didn’t call them into being. There’s comfort in that. 

While the world continues to lurch and stagger its way into some uncertain future I’ve had the opportunity and time to delve into the past, to British history in particular, world history by association and to the understanding that Velikovsky and others have concluded – that the timeline of history is skewed. I’m not sure of the wider implications of this but it dovetails nicely into the deliberate destruction of a British history, accepted until the 1700’s but not suitable for the political ends of a recent, uncertain royal dynasty on the British throne. 

I’d know none of this but for the research of others. And the context they bring. 

Somehow this brings me back to giants. Why such a subject should provoke a response where ‘destroy or hide the evidence’ is seen as acceptable is beyond me. What difference does it make whether giants existed or not. Life goes on. We’re not talking about monks of a thousand years ago copying, perhaps changing or outright destroying ancient manuscripts because they don’t conform to church dogma, in effect, changing, rearranging history … this is conscious, modern activity within my great grandfathers lifetime. 

It beggars belief and belief is both the prism and the problem when it comes to history. 

I’m rambling somewhat. Where such questions as ‘Are we alone in the Universe?’ - which I’ve established to my own satisfaction that we aren’t -  mattered to me, to my father it was a matter of some irritation when I raised it …. ‘What difference does it make? I’ll still have to catch the 7.35 bus to work.’ 

An inadequate response but … good to keep a sense of humour. 

I don’t know what he’d have made of Yowie reports here in Australia. Too many to be ‘tall tales’ and given the vast forests in which to roam, yet another of life’s mysteries worth exploration.

no soundbites in truth - in truth no soundbites 

Real – as in truthful – British history wasn’t taught as I passed through school. Nothing much happening before the Romans and very little worth mentioning afterwards until ….“1066 and all that.” Fairly dreary with no sense of context, no …’Meanwhile, in the rest of the world …’ 

But there is a British history, revealed by Wilson and Blackett, taken forward by Ross Broadstock which is quite at odds with what is still taught at school. It’s quite wonderful and the British people, as a whole, have been robbed. 

Still, what has been taken can be returned. 

Ross doesn’t talk in soundbites and doesn’t produce clickbait. 

The video below and the screenshot are indicative of the serious nature of this research.

yesterday, today and tomorrow 

Amid the covid back and forth there’s always the ‘Meanwhile ….’ 

Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth persevere in their efforts while N.I.S.T. prevaricate – it’s an issue which will not die, nor should it. There’s an obvious truth, unpalatable but undeniable, controlled demolition of Building 7 as proved by the four year study done by the University of Alaska, Fairbanks, has hideous implication. 

There’s nothing new to share regarding ‘world view’ and why it’s held. Velikovsky’s marvellous books, vividly written describing a cataclysmic past, ‘Worlds in Collision’ and ‘Earth in Upheaval’ – quite contrary to the cosy world view in which nothing much happens over aeons although extinction events do occur, helped form a new appreciation of our place in the galaxy. A busy place, full of energy. 

From this comes the Electric Universe, an idea – more than that – which hasn’t quite burst onto the public consciousness. 

‘Suspicious Observers’ have put together an excellent video which is displayed below. Climate gets a mention. 

‘Dark Journalist’ has a channel which covers many of the topics which interest me. Deep State, U.F.O. material, interesting connections. This video is a good introduction. 


It’s been a delight to find that the work of Wilson and Blackett hasn’t been extinguished and that Ross Broadstock of ‘BritishHiddenHistory’ on youtube has picked up the torch and challenge. 

I gain a great deal from these voices and the many more who cross my path, stay awhile, move on. 

Best wishes. I leave it at that.


covid and 9/11 

If I watch the ‘news’ – and it doesn’t matter from which part of the World – it looks like a horror show and often is, it wouldn’t be news without the scenes of conflict, and, thus, the Australia I see portrayed is not what I’m experiencing and I live here albeit it’s a quiet life. In the main, people are continuing to be good, bad or indifferent as they always have been. 

Internment camps? The very name conjures up images of concentration camps – we don’t have them. Staying in a hotel is not an internment camp. Yes there are ‘out of the way’ places that can be called internment camps but – hold on – they’re not places you stay in for long. For one thing, practically, no-one wants to work there. As far as I can see our police generally do the best they can under difficult circumstances. This is not a NAZI police state. Whether it’ll continue to move in that direction is another matter.

I’ve noted the odd politician reveling in the exercise of power but, in the main, our politicians are blundering through as they often do – not doing much checking of facts and hoping that ‘all will be well.’ Booster shots fill me with great unease. We move to injecting our children and there is no reason to do so – a year ago and this wasn’t even mentioned because children only get a mild version of covid. That aspect hasn’t changed yet now … it’s on the table with many welcoming this move. To protect who? Apart from the profits of big pharma.

As to the moves towards a new world order – they continue and don’t bode well for anyone. I’m still waiting, along with three and a half thousand Architects and Engineers, for the explanation as to how skyscrapers fall neatly into their own footprints. No theory about conspiracy there … just conspiracy.


The following is a reprint from Architects and Engineers for 9/11 truth.


Ted Walter 

December 8, 2021

Before it could air on the 20th anniversary of 9/11, a small handful of television critics and reporters managed to pressure HBO and Spike Lee into removing a half hour of the final episode of NYC Epicenters 9/11 → 2021½, in which the filmmaker questioned how the Twin Towers and Building 7 came down on 9/11. Then they celebrated the censorship. 

Conveniently omitted from almost all of their reporting was the fact that the censored half hour included not only a dozen technical experts affiliated with Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth but 9/11 family members, first responders, and survivors. 

Also in the past few months, The Atlantic and The Washington Post published lengthy pieces sympathizing with 9/11 family member Bob McIlvaine and Loose Change producer Korey Rowe, respectively — but dismissing their views with little-to-no basis for doing so. Meanwhile, The New York Times published a hit piece making empty claims about how Loose Change was a precursor to QAnon and other current-day “conspiracy theories.” 

Now that The Unspeakable has been out for a month and features four people who were in the censored half hour of NYC Epicenters — 9/11 family members Bob McIlvaine and Drew DePalma, architect Bill Brinnier, and engineer Tony Szamboti — and was directed by Loose Change creator Dylan Avery and edited by Korey Rowe, these journalists should be called upon to write about the stories and the filmmaking of the people they have silenced and denigrated. 

Will these journalists have the decency to review an “extraordinary, deeply moving film” about the 9/11 family members they helped censor, made by the filmmakers they and their colleagues have been defaming for 15 years? Or will they ignore this film — which relates directly to their earlier reporting — because it doesn’t fit their narrative? 

If they don’t write about it, we will be putting them on record as refusing to cover this film because it reflects positively on the good people they have painted as “conspiracy theorists.” Moreover, if any of them do watch the film and are capable of introspection, it should plant seeds of doubt about whether they are on the right side of history when it comes to 9/11 — seeds that could blossom the next time a major story like Lee’s HBO series forces them to write about 9/11 Truth. 

Please take a bit of time this week to email these journalists individually or as a group and urge them to write about The Unspeakable. All the information you need is below. 

And please drop us an email at when you’re done so that we know how many people are contacting them. 

Reggie Ugwu and Julia Jacobs, The New York Times 

Ugwu ignited the controversy in an interview with Spike Lee, published on August 23, 2021 (“Spike Lee, Exultant at the ‘Epicenter’”), in which he asked the filmmaker why he included the perspective of “conspiracy group” Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth. Lee answered that he still had questions and that he hoped the film would lead to a congressional hearing. 

Ugwu and Jacobs then wrote two articles covering the controversy as it evolved (“Spike Lee Re-Edits HBO Sept. 11 Series That Features Conspiracists”; “Spike Lee Removes Conspiracists From HBO 9/11 Series After Criticism”). Like Ugwu's interview with Lee, their reporting conveniently omitted the fact that 9/11 family members, first responders, and survivors were included in the censored section. They also presented as fact their opinion that the controlled demolition theory has been “debunked.” And they repeatedly referred to members of AE911Truth as “conspiracy theorists” rather than as “architects” and “engineers,” yet reverently described Dr. Shyam “We’ve-Had-Trouble-Getting-a-Handle-on-Building-7” Sunder and Ronald “It-Appeared-to-Me-that-Charges-Had-Been-Placed-in-the-Building” Hamburger as “scientists” and “experts” who had conducted a “yearslong investigation” and “hundreds of hours of analysis.” 

Email addresses:, 

James Poniewozik, The New York Times 

Poniewozik is the chief television critic for The New York Times. In his roundup of TV documentaries that aired around the 20th anniversary (“Is 9/11 a Day, or Is It an Era?”), he claimed that the final episode of NYC Epicenters “flows better” without the “bizarre section” featuring “the conspiracists.” (I argue the opposite: It is glaringly incomplete.) He ended his column by lamenting that “the most artful of this season’s Sept. 11 documentaries became an example of one of the very problems it diagnosed” — i.e., conspiracism — while breathing a sigh of relief that the media was able to “make a difference.” 

Email address: 

Jordan Hoffman, Vanity Fair 

Unlike most critics, who omitted the fact that 9/11 family members were included in the censored half hour, Hoffman (“Spike Lee’s 9/11 Doc Didn’t Just Include Conspiracy Theories—It Promoted Them”) essentially bemoaned that Lee’s case for controlled demolition was too compelling because it included sympathetic figures like Bob McIlvaine. Praising Lee’s “directorial panache” and remarking how “eloquent” members of AE911Truth were, Hoffman offered little reason why anyone should disagree with Lee’s thesis, other than feebly asserting that “journalists have been debunking 9/11 conspiracies since 2005.” But he found it “terrifying to think how close HBO was to broadcasting the original version on such a wide platform.” 

Email address: 

Doreen St. Felix, The New Yorker 

St. Felix is The New Yorker’s television critic. Referring to members of AE911Truth as “hoax junkies” (“The Messy Introspection of Spike Lee’s ‘NYC Epicenters’”), she derided Lee for “practically vibrating with curiosity and conviction as he fraternizes with the truthers” and for nearly committing what would have been a “career-defining offense” had he not removed the half-hour section. 

Email address: 

Charles Bramesco, The Guardian 

Like many others, Bramesco (“Why is Spike Lee’s 9/11 docuseries so controversial?”) reduced the censored half-hour section to “30 minutes featuring conspiracy group Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth.” He asserted, without basis, that it contained “unfounded theorizing.” And he invoked the allegedly debunked catchphrase “jet fuel can’t melt steel beams.” Bramesco is evidently unaware, as are most journalists, that there was molten metal both in the rubble and gushing out of the South Tower — and its presence is why informed people talk about the inability of open-air fires to melt steel. He also exaggerated the backlash against Lee — “The public reacted in a small uproar” — apparently forgetting that the public had not actually seen the censored half hour and that the uproar was mainly from members of the media. 

Email address: 

Chris Vognar, Vulture (New York Magazine) 

In a short Q&A-style primer on the series, Vognar (“What Is Going On in Spike Lee’s 9/11 HBO Docuseries?”) twice used the term “conspiracy group” to refer to AE911Truth and twice asserted that the controlled demolition theory has been “thoroughly debunked,” citing pop science magazine Popular Mechanics. As if it were totally inconceivable that Lee would want to advocate the view that the towers were brought down by controlled demolition, Vognar asked, “What was [Lee] thinking, and how did the segment make it into the final cut to begin with?” 

To his credit, Vognar at least mentioned the statement issued by Bob McIlvaine and Drew DePalma “decrying the series’s ‘censorship.’” However, he incorrectly referred to DePalma as the parent of a 9/11 victim rather than as a son. He also did not make it clear that McIlvaine and DePalma were in the censored half-hour section — and thus were responding to being silenced — nor did he provide a link to their statement. 

Email address: 

Jennifer Senior, The Atlantic 

Senior is the author of a lengthy article in the September 2021 issue of The Atlantic that intimately profiled the grieving McIlvaine family (“What Bobby McIlvaine Left Behind”). 

A family friend of the McIlvaines, she treated Bob with dignity. But she ultimately dismissed, on flimsy circumstantial grounds, his interpretation of how his son died. And she dismissed the controlled demolition theory based on superficial and misguided ideas, such as her grossly mistaken claim that fire can melt steel. (She wrote: “Crucial to Bob Sr.’s understanding of September 11 . . . is the work of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth, which popularized the idea that jet fuel couldn’t burn at a high enough temperature to melt beams into molten steel. This is, it should go without saying, contrary to all observable fact.”) 

Email address: 

Kevin Roose, The New York Times 

At this point, articles like Roose’s “How a Viral Video Bent Reality” are so commonplace and formulaic that they need no elaboration. Perhaps realizing it would be a stretch (if not totally false) to say that Loose Change “caused” the newer “conspiracy theories” of the present, Roose conveyed the same idea in a more slippery way: “Its DNA is all over the internet.” 

Email address: 

Jose Del Real, The Washington Post 

Del Real and the editors at The Washington Post apparently thought a great way to celebrate Veterans Day would be to publish an in-depth story about Afghanistan and Iraq war veteran Korey Rowe (“A veteran helped spread viral 9/11 conspiracy theories. Can he start over?”). Del Real’s constant pivoting between sympathizing with Rowe and admonishing him for the “widely debunked,” “fantastical claims” he “peddled” as the producer of Loose Change is a masterclass in the trendy style of journalism I like to call “compassionate debunking” (though it is neither compassionate nor actual debunking). 

Del Real says his “job is about truth and, at the highest level, empathy.” Now is his chance to prove it. 

Email address: 

Group Email List,,,,,,,,,

It's not all gloom and doom 

My ignorance is appalling in more fields than I care to count. I have to unlearn much of what I’ve been taught and to question continually. The history of the country of my birth and of the country I now live in, where the money comes from and to whom does it flow, the whys and the wherefores of this world, the one in which political leaders boast that they can change reality and they do. 

The history of Central Banking is a cesspit. The hideous divisions in society are manufactured, there is an agenda. It’s not mine. 

I don’t use social media and look to other voices to give education, inspiration, humour, sometimes via lecture, documentary … it’s ongoing. 

I’m a grandparent and can’t afford to blindly accept what I’m told, not when 5 – 11 year olds are lining up or about to be lined up to be vaccinated for no good reason – remember when this covid ‘thing’ started NO children needed to be vaccinated albeit they may get sick. Nothing essentially has changed yet we’re now hell-bent on injecting our children, who cannot make an informed consent, with vaccines which haven’t been given due process regarding safety and long term effect. 

This is a madness. Children are not dying in the streets.


and a word or two with Jordan Peterson and then, for me, play some music.