how green is my garden 

Reducing carbon emissions and climate change still occupy the news here. Virus transmission, world trade impacts and the teetering state of the economy take up much of the rest of the news with family violence also rearing its ugly head. 

I’m reduced to tears – odd phrase that – my eyes well up, I’m not alone, there being plenty of cause for sorrow. 

And the prevailing mood is ‘Do something, take action, demand change.’ That’s not the only mood. For those struggling to survive each day, perhaps don’t have the luxury of time to investigate what it is the experts say. 

I’ve had that time to investigate ‘where the money comes from and to whom it flows’ and why the Federal Reserve, notwithstanding its Government sounding name, is privately owned. 

Why isn’t this general knowledge when ‘privately owned’ absolutely matters, printing money out of thin air, quaintly called Quantitative Easing, is the equivalent of the banker, in the game of monopoly, having a secret stash under the table. 

Make what you will of that – Empires aren’t too big to fail yet our banks have some Satanic Blessing? 

And that leads on to a cashless society where every transaction is recorded, negative interest rates come into being and you can’t withdraw your cash in protest because there is no cash. 

In his sometimes succinct manner, my musical friend Cliff remarks 

“We learnt at school that plants breathe in the carbon dioxide and breathe out the oxygen which we then breathe. More carbon dioxide would green the planet.” 

I can’t argue with that just as I couldn’t argue with a couple of coal miners who took exception when I walked into their pub with a ‘No coal seam fracking’ slogan on my guitar case. 

They weren’t belligerent, I think they were fed up with feeling as though they have to continually justify their existence while the power we consume comes, largely from their efforts. 

I come from the valleys of South Wales. I’m familiar with coal. There are different varieties and some give off more noxious fumes than others. If we hadn’t used it for heating we’d have died of cold. 

Times change, human needs don’t. 

I explain to the miners that I’m not ‘against coal’ but that fracking is an obscenity. Yes, a coal mine, by its nature, is a messy business with some pollution inevitable but I’m not aware of the dangers to aquifers which fracking entails. 

Fracking doesn’t use ‘waste water,’ it uses chemically laden liquid, delivered under high pressure which, in turns, smashes the ground and must, in that process, compromise the aquifers upon which we depend. 

An apology cannot put this right. By comparison, coal is a Godsend. 

Our Prime Minister, slow to get ‘on board’ with climate change, grins at the camera as he heartily endorses smashing up the very ground on which we stand to get the ‘clean, green energy’ locked up below. 

‘Climate change’ is a slogan used like a school yard taunt, 

“D’yer believe in climate change or not!” 

Phew. Strange thing is, that there is a changing climate.


how long's a piece of string 

How long is awhile? About as long as a piece of string – enough to suit the purpose perhaps. 

Much can change in a week. The parched and scorched earth around here is now green and lush, dams are filling or full to overflowing and the long task of rebuilding communities gets underway. 

It’s a huge task with massive resources deployed. The physical rebuilding of infrastructure is one aspect, the trauma for those deeply involved is another matter and words such as ‘moving on’ and ‘closure’ aren’t being used. Thankfully. 

All against a backdrop of ‘fear of virus’ alarm, let alone the virus itself, which could threaten global trade and travel to a point where ‘climate change’ and ‘identity politics’ become somewhat irrelevant – as they are, no doubt, in Syria, Palestine and all war zones. 

Meanwhile – there’s always a meanwhile. 

It’s that aspect of reality, the personal journey, how we’re ‘bearing up’ – as my ‘dear ole mum’ used to say – the fragility or strength, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually which allows us to deal with the shocks which the world provides. 

I’ve gone back to work after becoming an old aged pensioner a few years back. Lack of money is the prime reason and although I skate along on thin ice materially, I don’t feel poor or impoverished. Owning the roof over your head makes a huge difference … and comes at a huge price and always did unless you have the equivalent of a fairy godmother and a magic wand. 

Meanwhile, I pick up the guitar – put it down again. Got to keep a sense of humour and music is a lifetime lover so there’s no rush. 

And the things which cause sorrow continue. 

The glaring inconsistencies in the causes the LGBT and now + community espouse. What does + indicate and why define oneself by sexuality – do ‘straight’ people do this? Not that I’ve noticed and it would be absurd if they did. 

‘Born this way.’ does not tell the whole story and, if it did, then why can’t a paedophile use the same justification. Nurture plays a part in sexuality as does the common realisation of many that they’re not that attractive to the opposite sex and end up taking their love where they find it. 

What have I got against gays and lesbians? Nothing – it doesn’t matter because character matters more. 

But if I am repulsed by the spiteful and vicious attacks on Margaret Court, Israel Folau and others who voice something other than abject acceptance of any tripe the LBGT+ community choose to serve up then I incur the wrath of those who absolutely will not allow dissenting opinions to be voiced. 

There’s nothing special about the LBGT+ community, they suffer no more or less than the rest of humanity and how I wish they’d devote their considerable creative energy towards helping the most disadvantaged community we have – no treaty for our aboriginal nations as yet and not a murmur from the same sex brigade about this injustice. 

A referendum would serve the purpose. 

Someone I know described himself as a Republican and I wonder what that means when Republicans and Democrats both serve an American system which doesn’t serve the people in a way in which it should – a public National Health system available to all doesn’t exist in the U.S. whereas here, in Australia as in Britain, they exist albeit they’re under attack by private interests. 

A health system and an education system are basic elements in any halfway decent society. 

In thinking so I’m apparently a socialist. 

As to belief in statistics – hostbaby, my previous web hosting service, are according to bandzoogle, “To be clear, Host Baby provided antiquated reporting that did not reflect your website traffic accurately.” 

If this is true then hostbaby statistics, which were very detailed, were a complete fraud. 

No matter, I’ll keep writing as the spirit moves me and if you’re reading this then you’re one of three which, for unknown reason, strikes me as funny. Perhaps because ‘climate change’ statistics are littered with such fraud. 

How would you know unless you have some way of checking.


After the move - more change to come 

Shock, horror – I discriminate and I’ve been doing so all my life. I did it as a child when fairness and the lack of it presented itself within the family, the schoolyard and society itself yet discrimination is now seen as a negative, something to be avoided. Why? 

Changing the meaning of words is a sure way to spread confusion throughout a society. 

Diversity … hmm … ‘we welcome and embrace diversity’. What does that mean – anything and everything is o.k.? Everything isn’t o.k. and I don’t embrace diversity if that implies that critical thinking is dismissed. In fact, ‘we’ don’t embrace extreme and diverse political views for the very good reason that they threaten our very existence. 

In religious affairs the same discrimination applies. What the religion teaches matters and if that religion does not treat equally all of mankind as being ‘God’s children,’ all of whom have souls, then it’s a false doctrine. Plenty of them around. 

Not the deal of the century, not a two state solution but a final solution of sorts and if the phrase echoes, it should. 

So – who have I offended by plain speaking – not a rhetorical question because, in the process of moving ‘seamlessly’ from one hosting service to another, the statistics for this site have gone from ‘respectable’ to zero. 

Quite possible that there is, no longer, any interest but also possible that something akin to shadow banning is taking place. 

Also possible that things are in constant flux within your society as it is here. Who has time to care about the inconsistencies of 9/11 or the private ownership of the Federal Reserve when flood, fire and personal tragedy stalk the land. 

The fires along the East Coast are out or diminished by the torrential rain we’ve received in the last week or so – over 60cms here or 2 foot, knee high and above – more rain than has been seen for a long while. 

I’ll go quiet awhile, thankful to researchers such as James Corbett, Tony Heller, the Thunderbolts Project, Praveen Mohan who continue to educate, sometimes grim sometimes delightful, always detailed and truthful. 

Ah – freedom of speech, what a lovely idea.


climate change reality 

What a horrible state of affairs when any debate about climate is reduced to ‘Alarmist’ or ‘Denier’ and ‘belief’ is the guiding force. It’s not a religion so why is belief needed unless the facts are a bit thin on the ground. 

The Sydney Observatory has temperature records going back to the mid 1800s – easily found online - and they don’t show anything other than normal yearly fluctuation. Good luck if you’re looking for continent wide records – most weather stations were on the East Coast with a few in W.A. and fewer still in the hot heart of the country. There are implications to this lack of detail. 

Newspaper records do show a constant stream of record breaking heat ‘outback’ and can be found at the National Library’s on line service via something called ‘Trove.’ 

The mercury thermometer was invented in the early 1700s so there are less than three hundred years of records to work with. 

Here’s the thing that’s most puzzling – ‘97% of all climate scientists agree …. ‘ Really? Asked every single one and they all responded? Obviously not true. Why are those studies not available to the general public when so much is at stake? 

I want to know what questions were asked, how the questions were framed and the reason for this and why it matters is that ‘Climategate’ occurred, a very dubious – actually, fraudulent is more correct – massaging of temperature figures to fit a desired outcome. 

Bushfire calamities have much more to do with fuel load, drought and a moving of people from cities further into the bush than a 1% temperature rise. It takes very little to break a record. 

My purpose in writing this isn’t to start an argument nor to be derided but to caution against a blind belief in what we’re being told. 

I do recall scientists saying that tobacco wasn’t harmful. There were other scientists who stated the opposite but somehow their voices were drowned out.

division in the ranks 

“The world has gone batshit crazy.” say I and get an immediate affirmation. 

“Do your friends feel the same way?” 

“Yes.” came the reply. 

He is in his late thirties, struggling to buy into an overheated housing market, an architect and he does have trouble reconciling planes destroying, with the near free-fall collapse, the Twin Towers, each around a hundred stories high and enclosed by a steel cage and built to withstand a direct impact by a plane. 

“What about Building 7?” say I and am met with a blank stare. 

It’s one of the glaringly obvious unanswered questions seldom asked because so few have ever heard of Building 7, part of the Twin Towers complex, forty seven stories high and not hit by a plane nor by much in the way of rubble. Yet it collapsed into its own footprint at free fall speed and did so a few hours after the Twin Towers collapsed. 

‘Office fires’ was the official story for this miracle of demolition and it’s taken until 2019 for the University of Alaska, Fairbanks to spend the time and resources and release a study conclusively proving that office fires could not produce such a collapse. 

In light of the unending wars which have followed it begs the question … why isn’t this more widely known? It SHOULD change everything related to the ‘who, why, where and what’ of 9/11. 

‘Should, would and could’ – the first implies duty, the second the will and the third the capacity to carry it through. All are sadly in short supply. 

My neighbour and I started on a morning walk recently and met up with another neighbour. The bushfires ravaging parts of the country is, naturally enough, a topic of conversation. No doubt there were arsonists – ‘broken people’ was a charitable way in which they were described – involved but the extent of that involvement isn’t generally seen as a major factor in these ongoing blazes. 

More thoughtful voices recognise that we’ve ceased to allow regular burn offs, the drought is long lasting and many have moved closer to ‘the bush’ which is fine but comes with danger as it does for all of us, for example, who live in the Blue Mountains – one road across the mountains doesn’t make for easy escape. 

I was a bit taken aback to hear this neighbour blame the unions for the fires. Many would say that I’m a conspiracy theorist whereas the truth is that much in life is murky, conspiracies have always existed and I’m not interested in theory, not when it’s fact I’m looking at. 

The story of the U.S.S. Liberty is a case in point. 

Anyway, it was illuminating, in a way, to hear the rationale for this point of view. I think it came down to the fact that the fire fighters are often volunteers and therefore not in a union. Perhaps I missed something. 

He’s a researcher and gets paid for it. I only mention it because he’s not daft and my experience is that most people I’ve met aren’t daft yet can hold the strangest of beliefs. 

A pig in lipstick is still a pig. 

That image, I imagine, cuts across all cultures and all times and means the same to all but the most … unthinking, uncritical. 

It doesn’t take intellectual capacity to understand that image and while much can be dressed up to look reasonable, acceptable at first sight, appearance isn’t reality. 

The deep generational division apparent now is an echo of that old, perhaps biblical idea, the gist of which is that there’ll come a time when it’s brother against brother, man against wife, son against father, daughter … you get the idea. 

Only a decade or so back and I couldn’t quite see how that future could materialise assuming that goodwill and an open mind weren’t in short supply but for all the talk of welcoming diversity, respecting difference, upholding freedom of speech but not if it MIGHT offend, … it’s a pig with lipstick … much like 9/11, much like the concentration of Palestinians into ghettos by Israel all the while pretending to talk peace while stealing land … a pig in lipstick and a disgraceful way to behave in light of their own experience which none are allowed to forget. 

No tears or remembrances for Rwandan genocide, Armenian genocide, Cambodian genocide or the millions slaughtered by Stalin. 

There’s a multifaceted narrative being spun and small wonder that the world is batshit crazy and pigs are seen flying while wearing make-up. 

Off to the garden before it gets too hot – I’ll keep a wary eye out. 

I don’t think I’m clever or particularly bright but it was my ‘good fortune’ to witness the day of the many events of 9/11 for hour after hour. I saw Building 7 come down. An enterprise that large, that far reaching, is bound to have inconsistencies and it does. 

I realised then that very little we’re fed is nourishing and this applies to history as it does to everything. Not everyone has their illusions of a free and fearless media so ruthlessly destroyed.

rain - and the garden turns green within days 

“Where do you get your information from?” 

It wasn’t asked in a combative manner, more of a gentle enquiry. 

The subject at hand was consensus in science and my point is that there is no such thing as consensus in science – science is no more settled now than it was when Galileo stunned the orthodoxy of his times. 

Consensus – does it mean ‘a vague general agreement’ or is it specific, detailed, raw data available, able to be replicated? I don’t know – what’s the consensus on that? 

A dentist is a dentist, a plumber a plumber – they’re specialists and ideally they’re ethical and good at their job but it doesn’t take more than a few decades of life experience to know that ‘ideally’ isn’t reality. Same holds true in every profession yet scientists largely escape this sceptical scrutiny. 

Science isn’t dentistry or plumbing – it’s a bigger field with room for research and multiple areas of speciality. It’s physics, geology, chemistry, archaeology – not necessarily fields that overlap anymore than dentistry and plumbing connect. 

To become a Professor – or so it seems to me – requires that you’ve worked within the accepted parameters of whatever discipline you’ve chosen. If true then it’s the status quo in which you stand rather than the uncomfortable cutting edge. It doesn’t indicate a closed mind but if new information makes your professorship outdated, defunct, worthless then there’s a vested interest in denying the evidence and/or attacking the messenger. 

I’m old enough to have seen this happen in the academic world in relation to Velikovsky’s work. It’s a shameful story but, thankfully, his works are still readily available while the handful of academics who tried to effectively destroy him – who knows what became of them. 

Funnily enough it was Velikovsky and his detailed evidence of a cataclysmic past which show climate change at a solar system level. This understanding is in stark contrast to the cosy idea, fostered by western education, that ‘not much has happened – after all, evolution takes millions of years.’ Perhaps it does but it doesn’t follow that those millions of years were uneventful. 

So it’s dogmatic statements such as ‘97% of climate scientists agree …’ which has me questioning EVERY aspect of that study. Was it a rigorous study or a vague questionnaire sent out via the internet. 

These things matter to me and, more to the point, I have the time to research – sounds great but really it just means I go looking – I don’t much care for the names of the bit part players, it’s the truth of the matter which is of concern. 

The next generation down from me are in their forties. There are things in my memory which mean nothing to them. Never heard of Climategate and perhaps don’t know of Watergate. 

Climategate involved the disclosure of emails which detailed the massaging of figures to fit a climate warming trend. It’s in the public domain but I really do appreciate that most of humanity, regardless of outward appearance, are facing tough times and don’t have the time nor inclination to do anything other than accept that the experts being touted about are probably right. 

Local and world political leaders sound the alarm but it’s not about the pollution caused by multi-national mining companies created in countries which somehow don’t matter and hurt people without a voice, not about the island of plastic waste in the Pacific Ocean, the obscenity of fracking or the safety or otherwise of 5G technology, smart meters and the like – no – it’s CO2 and a money making opportunity with carbon trading. 

Well – even if CO2 turns out to be not such a big deal and even if there was a massaging of temperature figures, does that really matter if it makes the world wake up to the extent of the problem? 

It does if it’s based on a lie. 

Surely if I’m correct then this would be, by now, revealed? It is but the accepted narrative via mainstream media won’t present the evidence. Why would they? Doesn’t mean they’re part of a conspiracy but – they go with the flow, don’t rock the boat and know where their pay check comes from. 

“Where do you get your information from?” 

I’ve found Tony Heller a very good source regarding climate fraud and found Suspicious Observers who talk space weather, electric universe and ‘things I have no understanding of.’ 

Yes - ‘things I have no understanding of.’ 

That’s a bloody big field. 


rain across the fire grounds 

The move of websites has been fraught with difficulty but it’s a trivial matter relative to bushfires, devastation and all that’s going on worldwide. 

It feels appropriate when traditional Aboriginal methods of fire control start to make more news here in Australia that it brings to my mind Gurrumul, a most wonderful singer. 

A song of his below. Uplifting ....