rain - and the garden turns green within days 

“Where do you get your information from?” 

It wasn’t asked in a combative manner, more of a gentle enquiry. 

The subject at hand was consensus in science and my point is that there is no such thing as consensus in science – science is no more settled now than it was when Galileo stunned the orthodoxy of his times. 

Consensus – does it mean ‘a vague general agreement’ or is it specific, detailed, raw data available, able to be replicated? I don’t know – what’s the consensus on that? 

A dentist is a dentist…

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rain across the fire grounds 

The move of websites has been fraught with difficulty but it’s a trivial matter relative to bushfires, devastation and all that’s going on worldwide. 

It feels appropriate when traditional Aboriginal methods of fire control start to make more news here in Australia that it brings to my mind Gurrumul, a most wonderful singer. 

A song of his below. Uplifting ....

whether or not it's the weather 

When the power goes off, ceases to work, it takes perhaps a day and a half before almost everything grinds to a halt. No power for ATM’s, no power to pump the gas, little or no mobile phone coverage, no power to charge the phones. 

Lack of power and the problems cascade and escalate. No drinking water… 

The blame starts and it’s grim. People are talking in code. Weather isn’t part of the conversation, it’s always ‘climate change’ and any questioning of what climate change encompasses is shouted down in no…

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another day in paradise 

“Here’s looking at you – cheers.” 

The pyramid on the back of a dollar bill with the eye in the centre. What a strange symbol to use, nothing to do with everyday life unless you’ve a pyramid somewhere near by – I don’t know of any in the U.S.A. – ‘In God we trust’ on one side with an open ‘all seeing’ eye within a pyramid next to it. Which God, what God, do we ‘trust.’ 

It isn’t the only eye which comes to mind as I watch something on a T.V. screen - a single eye into which I look. Lucky me, it’s not…

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keeping off the roads 

It’s quiet enough for me to hear the ticking of the clock. A cockerel crows, away in the distance, in such a mournful manner that I’d thought it was a beaten dog or a broken person howling. It’s a rooster and doesn’t know the time of day. Quite funny, in a way, as I’m up at dawn and never hear him then – probably tired from crowing all day long. Note to self – avoid that trap. 

Roosters crowing, clocks ticking and assassinations carried out by the thought police surrounding and manipulating Donald Trump…

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fires here - floods elsewhere 

‘Goodwill to all.’ … that’s Christmas and New Year wrapped up in one. 

On another matter, a surprise when a legal phrase stirs the imagination, gives hope. 

I was watching a detailed examination of the South China Sea, the Spratly Islands, in which the concept of freedom of navigation was mentioned. International law allows for maritime zones, adjacent to countries, in which vessels may pass but needs do so by basically travelling in a straight line. To do otherwise, such as travel in a meandering manner…

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under the noon day sun 

Political events swirl across nations but here in Australia, in the early summer heat, it’s ‘climate change, no doubt about it’ as the massive bushfires now engulfing great swathes of country continue to burn. 

Heat records continue to be broken but – do they? For how long has mankind had thermometers I wonder. I look it up and 1714 is the year when the modern mercury filled thermometer comes into being so unless there existed accurate ways of recording daily temperature prior to this invention then we’ve…

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a threat to what? 

Fortuitous to receive an email from Jake Morphonios regarding Olive trees for Palestinian farmers. Hopefully I can ‘copy and paste’ and present it here. 

Not only is his cause ‘just’ but you’ll find no trace of hatred in his words which is exactly as it is when he talks about Israel and its policies. 

…. and yet this is also a man whose views – factually based – offends youtube . A video of his, embedded here previously, is no longer available. 

I don’t think Jake made it unavailable. 


I love…

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