Yelling 'Black is White' as Israel does, does not make it so. It's a lie.

letter to editor, not often written, not often printed.

“The war in Gaza – not a war but an ongoing slaughter - didn’t start with a Hamas attack on October 7th 2023. For decades Israel has held up a mirage of a possible two State solution and, holding all the power over the Palestinians, has done nothing to fulfill that promise. On the contrary, their settlers continue to steal land in the West Bank and are backed up by the State while the Gaza Strip is destroyed, the people starving, dead or maimed and this has been happening since the inception of the Zionist State of Israel. 

The brutality of Hamas is far outweighed by the actions of Israel both now and in the past.”

Meanwhile our craven leaders wring their hands, cry sorrow and bow to Israel with their actions.

Again and meanwhile, disasters continue everywhere and although things may look o.k. on the surface here in Australia  they’re not. We have ‘tofu construction’ in the building industry as does China – and how sorry I am that the Chinese people have been so robbed by their government that their society is collapsing just as their buildings do. It’s tragic. 

This is the culture that gave the world ‘The book of Changes, the I Ching,’ a cauldron of wisdom and common sense which has been open to guide the soul of China from ‘time immemorial.’ 

It recognises the Divine and is not used by the Communist Party of China.