Now? Which aspect?

I was in the garden looking for my carbon footprint and couldn’t find it anywhere until I retreated indoors, researched and discovered that BP – that well known oil company – wanted to take the focus for pollution away from the oil companies and place it on each and every one of us. They hired Ogilvy and Mather, a public relations company, and it was some bright spark there who came up with ‘Carbon Footprint.’ 

Brilliant – it’s all your fault. 

BP unveiled their ‘carbon footprint calculator’ in 2004. What less than innocent changes since? Emotional climate? Mental climate? Financial climate? Political and Religious climate? All in disarray.

Who would deny that the climate changes, that the cycles of the sun have a direct and profound influence upon the climate of every planet in this solar system – as witnessed and demonstrated by astronomers for those who care to look - yet it’s never mentioned when it comes to the incessant demands of a world hell bent on ‘net zero’, targets and agendas that are a grab bag of nonsense.

Computer models are useless if the sun isn’t part of the modelling yet the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change takes no account, blissfully ignorant, perhaps because it was set up to ONLY look at man-made pollution. 

What academic, professor or teacher would dare publicly to question the climate narrative when jobs are on the line and bills need be paid. Well – plenty do but they don’t get invited onto the BBC.

The fraud of all this is summed up in the ‘97% of scientists agree … .’ The quote was actually ‘97% of climate scientists agree … .’ but President Obama left out the word ‘climate’ when he quoted that nonsense and no-one with power corrected the error. The 97% was and remains false as minimal research shows.

There is no consensus in science, never has been, it’s always open to dispute or it isn’t science and becomes a dogma.

And that’s just one strand in the ‘Now’ of today.

Meanwhile horrors abound in Gaza, the world teeters on the brink and I don’t need to be a ‘conspiracy theorist’ – another nonsense phrase when acknowledging that conspiracies have always existed without the need to add ‘theory’ – to see collapse for many and not  a country anywhere in which ‘life goes on as normal.’

Ah ….. I spent months last year learning a phonetic version of Dafydd Iwan’s magnificent song ‘Yma o hyd.’ He tells the story, the Welsh history long forgotten, of a nation which has suffered much yet – ‘We’re still here … despite everything and everyone we’re still here.’

Living in Australia and deeply disheartened by this nation’s people’s response to a referendum which was modest and asked for Aboriginal people to be given a ‘Voice to Parliament.’ They voted ‘No.’

How applicable for the chorus of ‘Yma o hyd’ to resonate with Aboriginal … or Palestinian people for that matter.

Dafydd Iwan’s song, sung at Cardiff to a rapturous Rugby crowd, makes the hair on my arms stand up. My version is quieter.

Synchronicity – I’d not have known any of this Welsh history if it were not for the efforts of the BritainsHiddenHistory channel on youtube and, as I write this, the postman delivers a book, long awaited, detailing the migrations to Britain in that long distant past and written by Marchell Abrahams.

There are forces at work which raise the spirit in the darkest of times.