Ongoing in Gaza

I’ve had my biblical three score years and ten … and a bit more, learnt very little and much of that has had to be discarded. In trying to understand how it is possible for Israel to continue its genocide in Gaza I can’t avoid the religion itself and so I looked back to the Old Testament, to when ‘God’ gave ‘the land’ to Israel. Not only was this land already occupied but this God commanded that if the occupants didn’t surrender they were to be slaughtered, every man, woman and child.

‘Oh – this explains how the present situation in Gaza now exists - just a following of old established practice.’ My second realisation was that the God of the Israelites is no more than a tribal god and bears no resemblance to the Universal and loving God that Christ testifies to.

Christianity and Judaism have nothing in common. Christianity has, at its core, ‘Love your neighbour as yourself’ and ‘Do unto others as you’d have done to yourself.’ Judaism is of a different character.

As for being a ‘Chosen People’ - this is a burden too great for any people.

There’s no hatred in anything I’ve said here and I have no sensible answer to give regarding Gaza. As has been stated, history is full of bloody conquest and all of us stand on ground upon which others once stood. I’m a guest here.