content - as in substance not 'content' as in feeling good

Youtube is indeed censorious and Tony Heller needing to move to other platforms is proof of that. If his latest video, presented here, gets deleted on youtube and a blank screen appears then draw your own conclusions.

James Corbett is now available on bitchute but I can't easily place his videos there onto this site. A remarkable researcher.

This site, which attracts very little traffic, started as a place to put my songs - as this is my 1000 post I'll place a song or three here. It's appropriate.

and another which is still a vital issue

and another which is age restricted. The images that the film maker uses don't reflect the mist of the Blue Mountains where, quietly, the song came together but - as he noted - film from aeons ago is hard to come by.

The songs that are on youtube  are now also on bitchute.