just checking

“Just checking” is what I’ve done about the issues that have led the world to the state we’re in. Where the money comes from, how 9/11 happened, why Israel can treat the Palestinians as sub human and get away with it. This isn’t ‘the news’ but for mentioning and questioning these subjects is to go against the flow and meet obstruction. 

I’d left this site alone after a thousand posts. I came back as a ‘visitor’ and scrolled down the ‘news’ section only to find that the ‘next’ icon didn’t work. Got it fixed within a minute or so when I queried it but … how does that happen in the first place? The default position would and should be that ‘next’ takes you to ‘next.’ Ah – paranoia, probably on a list of neerdowells and assorted trouble makers. 

So climate change questioning is a touchy subject – lots of clever minds to come up with such delights as ‘carbon footprint.’ 

Quoting wiki : 

“The use of household carbon footprint calculators originated when oil producer BP hired Ogilvy to create an "effective propaganda" campaign to shift responsibility of climate change-causing pollution away from the corporations and institutions that created a society where carbon emissions are unavoidable and onto personal lifestyle choices. The term "carbon footprint" was also popularized by BP.” 

That should give pause for thought. 

I have a garden, a creative delight and through the depths of Winter here, the zero and below, a particular flower blooms, close to the soil and with the bright and vibrant colours a child might paint. Polyanthus bloom through the snow and herald the Spring. 


The resilience of flowers.