Two planes - Three towers

A cool, early Spring day, blue sky, strong breeze. A walk around the garden, among the Treeferns, snowdrops, daffodils, hyacinth, the whites, yellows and blues and mixed feelings. The day here is 9/11. 

I spent four hours or so yesterday witnessing presentation after presentation of technical information about the destruction of the Twin Towers and of Building 7. 

I don’t have time nor inclination to bother with conspiracy theories, not when real conspiracies continue. 

I had the remarkable and apparently unusual experience of witnessing those events on the day of 9/11. Unusual because the early morning in New York was close to midnight here as I returned home after an evening shift at a Group Home. 

I turned on the television news just after the first plane struck and every network had their cameras trained on the first tower. The shock of such an accident occurring transformed into a deeper shock when the second plane struck and ‘accident’ must be replaced with ‘deliberate action.’ Horrifying. 

It was very quiet here, most of the country asleep as it was for many parts of the world. Elsewhere people are at work, school, in bars, on trains and all are getting small fractions of the events – they’re otherwise occupied while I am not. 

I witnessed everything being reported over the course of the next ten or twelve hours, uninterrupted. I didn’t go into ‘shock and awe.’ 

The behaviour of the Twin Towers as they collapsed, the free fall neatly into their own footprints, the subsequent collapse of Building 7 also into its own footprint – nothing like this has ever been seen before and nothing remotely like it has happened since. 

Pause for thought? 

I know that after twenty one years – a generation - the perpetrators walk free, don’t give a damn and have the power to silence – no – not to silence but to certainly put obstacle after obstacle in the way of the thousands of Architects, Engineers, Pilots, Firemen and First Responders who not only question the shameful official narrative but have proved their case. 

I understand that many are unaware or have mortgages to pay or who shrug and go about their business. I don’t have that luxury, that blissful ignorance and while I’ll now go do some gardening, the temperature a balmy 8 degrees, whole societies have been destroyed in the wake of those events and millions displaced, disfigured or dead. 

I can’t hope to have any understanding of the world we now inhabit without understanding 9/11. This is the uncomfortable truth and  ... while I have a voice ...


.........with each year that passes the mainstream media regurgitate the official narrative. Why there should be such a phrase – ‘official narrative’ indicates that ‘another narrative’ exists but – repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the accepted truth. The books ‘1984’ and ‘Brave New World’ showed different versions of a dystopian future. I’ve watched discussions about which version has turned out to be closer to the truth and, perhaps, both are equally applicable without necessarily being obvious. 

What’s that to do with the events of 9/11? The mainstream media, each year without fail, trot out their programs, never questioning anything and the ‘why’ of that is partly that ‘who dares talk truth to power’ runs real risk coupled with that sly observation … ‘who are we to question received history?’ Twenty one years is a long time to reflect on the many events, coincidences and inconsistencies of that day. Perhaps civil war would erupt if the truth were known. We’re already at war. Thanks to all who contribute towards revealing the truth.