remembering 9/11

Architects, Engineers for ‘9/11 Truth.’ 

Who cares and what particular ‘truth.’ If there’s nothing to question about the official story then why do these thousands of professionals continue to present evidence to a generally uncaring world as if it really matters.

It does matter. It’s the defining event of this century, millions dead, societies destroyed, the world changed in its course and the whole event manipulated to arouse ‘shock and awe’ in the American population who, up until that day, had no interest in the foreign wars so desired by the hawks within the U.S. administration.

The Project for a New American Century lays out what events were needed in order for American to retain its pre-eminent position in the world.

Evil men in positions of power … not evil in their own minds perhaps but … ‘by their fruits you shall know them.’

Following the evidence IS the scientific method. It’s unpalatable but there it is ………….‘Lest we forget……..’