meanwhile there is a wider Universe

Grief may well be close to universal within the human family but humanity is not. Witness the difference in views on Israel and the Palestinians. As to who has the power – it is Israel which controls and now cuts off water, food and electricity to the Gaza Strip. Starve the Palestinians if they don’t die of thirst first. “Failure of intelligence” doesn’t begin to describe the situation.

Who wrote Shakespeare …. Edward de Vere if the evidence is looked at but a thriving tourist trade exists around the man from Stratford. It’s a Disneyland version of reality just as is the treatment of the Welsh genealogies wherein the two King Arthurs lie. There are other issues where the truth is covered or voices silenced. 

The smoking gun of Building 7 on the day of 9/11, Britain’s hidden history and why it is so, and while climate change is real in the emotional and mental state of all our societies, CO2 is not the issue and never has been. 

NATO  had no reason to exist after the collapse of the Soviet Union but continues because other agendas work in which Ukraine is cannon fodder in a proxy war between the U.S.A. and Russia .… all these issues have lies covering truth.

Here in Australia the referendum regarding an advisory body designed to give Aboriginal Australians a voice is framed as something sinister. I don’t see the problem and voted yes. 

Difficult times, trials and tribulations. Nothing particularly new nor occurring by accident.