there was once a garden where ruins lie

Can there be such a thing as a quiet uproar? Unrelenting propaganda shouts with desperate double standards apparent – my child’s life is worth more than yours. This is Israel’s stance in a measured slaughter that they try to dignify by calling it a war. 

Zionism, a political ideology closer to Nazism than is comfortable for most to recognise, is separate to Judaism as the Torah Jews in the short video below make clear.

As for Chosen people and the burden it places upon believers in this idea – it doesn’t mean you’re special, able to do whatever you want, destined to rule the world – human nature hasn’t been changed by virtue of this idea while birth and death come to all, special or not.

These are not issues fresh to my mind, a mind which has been occupied territory for decades. The truth is a fierce creature. Make any tribe a chosen people or a master race and the dehumanisation of others naturally follows and so it has been in recorded history and continues to be.

Anyway – both short videos below are very clear statements by those intimately involved in these matters.

I add my small voice and make way for them.