a road map to peace - look below to see the real map, the one which doesn't lie

While my mind has been absorbed with country, history and ancestors, I’ve been watching events unfold in the present day - the ongoing obscene situation in respect to the plight of the Palestinians in Israel is an ongoing disgrace in which a genocide, a holocaust is happening to the Palestinians, made worse by the efforts of Israel to continue to place themselves as ongoing victims of Nazi Germany.

Is this an anti-Semitic statement or sentiment? No it’s not. Death by whatever means is the end result for the victims of unrelenting oppression. How many holocausts has the world witnessed? Just within my lifetime, Rwanda and Cambodia immediately come to mind yet you’d be forgiven for thinking Jews are the only peoples who can use that term.

Just as not all Germans were Nazis so not all Jews are Zionists. Both Zionists and Nazis were masters at the art of propaganda. Both are political ideologies and have little to do with religion. Both see themselves as the master race and the strand of Jewish faith which uses the Talmud as its ‘holy book’ – a book which Christ railed against – makes no bones about it, Gentiles are here to serve the Jews and serve no other purpose.

If some God had made my race ‘chosen’ then I would immediately feel the weight of responsibility inherent in being so ‘chosen.’ That responsibility would demand of me and my tribe that I behave in a way which is utterly ethical and serves as an example to the rest of mankind. I would not decide that ‘chosen’ means ‘special’ and decide that I’m born to rule and lord it over the rest of mankind by whatever means I see fit. That would be to completely misunderstand what ‘chosen’ implies.

In the same way, the ‘Good News’ which Christ brought to the world is encapsulated within the Golden Rule – ‘do unto others as you’d have done to you’ …  and … ‘love your neighbour as yourself.’

In other words – you can stop stoning each other to death.

Heaven and hell can take care of themselves. The only God I would recognise as being worthy of that title is a God of love which doesn’t imply that God rescue me from every minor or major disaster which befalls me. We are born, we live, we suffer both pain and joy and we die. That’s inescapable. Along the way we recognise that both evil and good are realities although it’s not so easy to recognise either. If it were, then the saying ‘The road to hell is paved with good intentions’ would have no meaning.

There is an agenda in place which is Luciferian in nature. A ‘One World Government’ with all that that implies. There’s nothing paranoid nor ‘conspiracy theorist’ about this - various presidents and world leaders tout the virtues of such a world. It’s another topic but entwined with every other topic in today’s world. Nothing related to ‘the works of man’ stands in isolation.


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