a sweet spot

If the ‘father’ of CO2 emissions being the primary cause of climate change – Roger Revelle - had second thoughts about the subject then what is causing the extremes of weather we observe? Vehicle emissions aren’t helping the situation yet the German and Japanese car manufacturers who made such a fanfare of fitting emission controls to their vehicles are now revealed as indulging in fraud.

Weather modification has been going on for many years. Dane Wigington at geoengineeringwatch.org has a wealth of information on the subject and while I haven’t seen chemtrails here in Australia, they’re so commonplace elsewhere that they’re either not noticed or are seen as just part of the landscape. They’re not.

Fracking, to my mind, is an obscenity. A junkie sticks a needle in his arm and makes believe that the high he experiences doesn’t affect every cell in his body. The extent of fracking in the U.S.A. is mind boggling. Dutchsinse, with his regular earthquake updates, uses google-earth with great expertise and zooms in on areas in which tens of thousands of fracking wells are revealed – there are hundreds of thousands across the U.S.A. and Dutchsinse isn’t actually looking for fracking wells but for the small earthquakes which now occur on a regular basis in these specific areas and an enquiring mind might wonder if cause and effect is taking place.

In the U.K., where fracking isn’t as common as in the U.S., activity must stop if an earthquake occurs above a certain magnitude so, to get around this irritation for the fracking companies, they’re lobying to have the size of the magnitude increased. No thought at all about what it is they’re doing.

Interesting fact about earthquake reporting. The magnitude of an earthquake depends upon the taking of an average from the many stations which report it. Sounds logical but what is not logical is that organisations such as the U.S.G.S. not only regularly shave off half a magnitude but will also downplay a magnitude 5 to become a 4.9. Perhaps there are reasons for this fudging of the figures such as ‘let’s not alarm the population’ but … ‘it aint science and it aint truthful.’ As for being able to check magnitudes via different agencies across the world – it’s easier said than done and begs the question ‘Why is this so?’

My ‘old mate’ in Western Australia with whom I play, by correspondence, long winded chess games – two games over twenty years – has spent his working life in mines and wonders whether I’m anti coal. I’m not – the devil’s in the detail and I am against coal mines being plonked into farming areas with no thought given to anything but jobs. Adani, who have a dreadful reputation, are trying to mine in Queensland with a new port just off the Great Barrier Reef. If I’m weighing up the ‘pros and cons’ the mine loses.

I suppose my point, if there be one, is the untrustworthiness of corporations to do the right thing, the shady behaviour of those experts and lobbyists whose pay check depends upon reaching the ‘right’ conclusion, the bewilderment of politicians and the deliberate dumbing down of the population by the mass media.

Is it all a conspiracy? Who knows but every corporation has an agenda, every bank maximises profit, every religion hides what would put them to shame and although Nelson Mandela called for a ‘New World Order’ I don’t accept that his version would be the same as that touted by so many other world leaders who have nothing resembling his gravitas, reputation or great heartedness.

Cry ‘Freedom’ … and to a multi-national corporation freedom means freedom from regulation.

Looking to the sky and beyond to space and, contrary to what I was taught at school, we are not static but dancing around our star as it hurtles through a space – not a vacuum but something, a medium, filled with energetic particles. Perhaps this movement also plays a part in a climate changing. Doesn’t absolve us from being better stewards of our planet but it is a variable to take into consideration.

Meanwhile a gentle rain falls locally, the temperature is in a sweet spot and I’m grateful for small mercies.



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