and the beat goes on

Censorship rears its ugly head yet again and while the horror of terrorist attacks are fresh in people’s minds so youtube and google – and probably facebook and twitter, but I don’t use those platforms so I’m not sure – decide what you and I can access.

Youtube decides that 9/11 questioning is no longer a valid enquiry which would suit the perpetrators and even UFO reporting of the type that secureteam provide – a harmless enough interest one would think – are being made, at least, more difficult to find.

I was surprised to find out that about 56% of youtube access is devoted to games. A breakdown of the figures relating to music, politics, education and so on reveal figures of no more than about 5% for each area. A bit sad from my perspective but there you have it.

There is nothing in anything that I’ve written which is motivated by hatred but now when I access this site as a ‘log in’ google have placed a recaptcha symbol which asks me – only once so far - to prove that I’m not a robot which, no doubt, the ‘powers that be’ would prefer me to be. Being able to pick three statues out of six pictures does not prove a damn thing and the use, with poor spelling, of ‘recapture’ tells its own brief story. Why ‘capture’ if this isn’t some sort of war.

There’s something quite ominous about almost any form that now needs to be filled in and that refers to the use of the word ‘submit.’ Yes I can submit an enquiry or a form but why use the word ‘submit’ when these words give the synonyms …. yield, surrender, resign, give up, succumb …. it gives pause for thought or should. I put forward an enquiry and place a form – I don’t submit just as I don’t submit to hatred or injustice or much of what passes for life in today’s world. It’s not trivial – social engineering never is.

Another big change on the horizon, apart from the 5G technology being rolled out worldwide with no studies done regarding health issues and rolled out without consultation and apparently for our convenience but I don’t want it,  is the move to a cashless society.

This is problematic for these reasons. Although it’s being touted as a way in which the black economy, the cash economy, the undeclared and not taxable economy is brought under control, it goes deeper than that. In an economy where cash exists I’m able to withdraw my funds if I so choose. Perhaps the interest rate on savings drops to zero but, as things stand, the interest rate cannot fall below zero and into negative interest rates. Do away with cash and negative interest rates are an option and will be used. You pay the bank for the privilege of using their system in which to keep your savings – if you have any – and there is no longer the option of withdrawing your cash because cash has ceased to exist.

Apart from that sobering reality, there is the control aspect. In a cashless society every transaction is recorded and while this is already the case with debit and credit card use it does away with the last vestige of privacy that we still perhaps enjoy.

So it’s a method of control and this isn’t a conspiracy theory but plain and simple fact.

Control of the media, control of transactions and, ultimately total control much as novels such as 1984 portray.

When it comes to terrorism it’s worth remembering that one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter. This thought in no way justifies the mass murder carried out with such frequency by extremists of all persuasions – it’s just an observation drawn out by political realities in which those who are temporarily seen as useful are labelled freedom fighters until their aims and goals diverge from those of their political masters at which time the label changes to terrorist.

Ranging further away from Earth and the video posted below gives pause for thought. There are, of course, realities that we try to shield our children or grandchildren from knowing – not so much keeping things secret or – dare I say – conspiring to withhold but … life is difficult enough without crippling the capacity for joy.

Part of the responsibility of adult life, by which time we’re more able to bear the unpleasant, is to be aware without losing the capacity for joy.

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