antii zionism is not anti semiticism

The lines are getting longer 

For the poor and the dispossessed 

As the men about the kitchen 

juggle sauce for more is less 

And it’s nowhere near better 

As the vultures hold and swoop 

On the nearest hapless fellow 

drinking cruelty  soup ‑ cruelty soup 

Hi ho ‑ here we go 

Another cup of soup you beknighted blighter 

Hi ho ‑ here we go 

No bread roll ‑ draw your belt in tighter 

Hi ho ‑ here we go 

Have you got the strength left to be a fighter 

Toodle ‑oodle ooo ‑ ‑ Toodle ‑oodle ooo 

The beat is getting stronger 

As the war drums coalesce 

And the call goes out for heroes 

Nothing more and nothing less 

And they’ll say the fight is sacred 

And they’ll say that we are right 

And they’ll want to shock and awe you 

 Into...... “ Darkness is Light” ‑ “Darkness IS Light.” 

Hi ho ‑ here we go 

It’s not just happening in a far off country 

Hi ho ‑ here we go 

Take a look around we’re the hundreth monkey 

Hi ho ‑ here we go 

How long .............. how long ....  How long ....... how long 

Will this go on......... The lines are getting longer and they’re getting out of line.