Anyone for fish and chips?

‘Do you have a chip?’

No-one has as yet asked me that question but the question is being asked. A cashless society is perhaps convenient but is fraught with real danger the most obvious of which is the ability of those who control the system to cut off access to these electronic funds as they see fit.

This isn’t paranoia at work but reality. Nothing to fear because you’re a good citizen? By whose definition and why should that hold true as time moves on?

There are multiple agendas at work which coincide in both an ‘internet of things’ and a ‘new world order’ and I don’t see this as one conspiracy but rather as many groups working towards goals which don’t, at first appearance, seem to be connected.

Connected? If the constant checking of phones and social media were really connecting us then why are so many desperately lonely and feeling utterly disconnected?

I don’t have answers to the questions I pose – it’s just musing while acknowledging that only a blindly optimistic person could believe that ‘things are getting better’ when the evidence suggests otherwise.

‘Unintended consequence’ is a phrase which is nowadays often used yet the world is full of ‘think tanks’ whose purpose is to establish the consequence of actions. Are they inept?

And yet the world is full of both mystery and wonder much of which is suppressed or sidelined by an agenda so materialistic that keeping the population as dumbed down consumers overwhelms any other consideration.

We’ve had the exposing of downright evil in both Church and State and within the local banking system … it’s positive but limited. No-one in power questions the system which underpins the banking system we’re all forced to use and which gave us the nonsense of ‘Banks to big to fail’ and taxpayer bail outs. Why not question that fraud.

Meanwhile the daily struggle to put food on the table continues to erode the health, mental and physical, of whole societies. What table? War, as an ongoing business, has destroyed the buildings which housed the table.

It’s not difficult to see these times as written in prophecy and perhaps they are. Maintaining a sense of balance – that’s an imperative.

Not the most cheerful post to write and I’m not sure I feel any better for having written it.

Although the sky is grey here today, it gave us rain yesterday, the birds still sing, the flowers still bloom and it costs me little to nurture both.

Do I have a chip? Funny how the meaning of words changes over time. Fish and chips, a chip on the shoulder, a wood chip and now a microchip.



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