Are you sirius?

There is no ‘normal’ to go back to. That ‘normal’ had money being printed out of thin air which was then used to bail out the ‘Banks too big to fail’ and is now being dispensed by our governments to the population – if we’re ‘lucky’ - but for us ‘normal’ people it still has to be paid back with real labour and effort. If the money is printed out of thin air then let’s just pretend to pay it back. It’s pretend money. 

In the ways in which ‘normal’ was beautiful in patches, behind the scenes it was also a tawdry ‘normal’ already slowly collapsing, as it would, because society has been eaten away until only a shell remains. 

Anyway and regardless, everything is changed by some variety of lock down that we must all get used to while in the background and ready to roll out are the Apps designed to track our movements. 

‘Just in case’ …. and because this virus shows no signs of abating these Apps are probably here to stay and so become the harbingers of a totalitarian world … internal passports are being mooted and, for now, rejected but it’s another sign of what humanity is supposed to embrace. The liberties gone because of ‘wars on terror’ and ‘wars on drugs’, neither of which can ever be ‘won’ enough for those liberties to be restored. Divide and conquer. 

If virus and a broken economic system aren’t enough to cow us all into a submissive state then there’s always the threats from space, meteor bombardment or an alien invasion which will truly demand that we all toe the line. 

Perhaps most or many people do accept the idea of alien life – there’s certainly enough evidence of visitation here on Earth for those who care to look yet there’s still an attitude of derision about the subject – why should that be? As for invasion – it hasn’t happened. Why would it. 

Situation not normal. 

Meanwhile I’ve the comparative luxury of a garden to work within, the Autumn tasks, the preparation for winter here, the rearranging of plants with an eye on the next Spring. 

The Death of Stalin – it doesn’t sound too cheerful but it was a thoughtful joy of a film to watch, a black comedy illustrating just how absolute power corrupts almost everyone below that corrupted pinnacle. 

It’s the way in which pretty much all constructive work gets confounded by the need to please the whims of an all glorious leader for whom bad news requires shooting the messenger rather than addressing the issue. It plays out in China, North Korea, the old Soviet Union and East Germany.   

That system debases all involved but the surveillance methods are now embraced by the ‘free’ world. 

‘Powers and Principalities’ – that phrase means something real within the spiritual and material world. No wonder that spiritual teachers give such weight to developing an ethical framework not only for a personal sense of some semblance of peace of mind but to avoid being tossed and turned by the ongoing ocean of lies and deceit which beset humanity regardless of the time in which we live.