As the days get longer

‘Don’t rock the boat, upset the apple cart, throw the baby out with the bathwater’, they all fall under the cautionary umbrella – some personal and others applicable in the wider world. 

 Google Earth is a great tool but that’s where my interest in Google ceases. Hard to avoid google when youtube is owned by them. 

I have a youtube channel with very little content, a few songs with a photo and that’s about it. I do create playlists on subjects which interest me and it’s this activity which prompts emails from google, acting like the proverbial ‘big brother’ of 1984 fame. 

‘Is this your activity?’ paraphrased not quoted. 

‘None of your business’ think I and take no notice. 

Another email requesting that I complete setting up ‘my account’ so that they can better serve my interests and tailor advertisements. I haven’t bothered and don’t like their algorithm’s tone of voice. 

Not much point in getting cross about algorithms. I don’t use social media and have no smart phone. Ultimately I have no trust in the use to which technology is focused – tracking citizens, social credit scores - and in the hands of a totalitarian State, a bleak reality already present. 

I know that my life is easily tracked regardless of a less than cool embrace with technology. My voice here is a whisper in a choir but it does disturb me when yet another voice falls silent because youtube’s ‘terms’ have been violated. 

No reason is ever given for these violations and the sites I visit are intelligent, questioning – the very sites that need be given voice. 

‘Don’t be evil’ used to be Google’s motto, quietly dropped in favour of ‘Do the right thing.’ 

Google is become evil, a poisoned chalice, a non accountable entity in the service of an agenda. It's the same with facebook no doubt.

You can’t argue with a computer, it serves no purpose. 

It’s a relief and a joy to have Velikovsky’s ‘Ages in Chaos’ to read as the Winter Solstice passes and the garden settles in for the slow return to Spring.

And a video for fun.