Crashing out or walking away? …. Brexit related responses couched in catastrophic or almost nonchalant terms, depending upon one’s point of view.

Regardless of how difficult ‘leaving’ Europe turns out to be, it was the democratic will, through the referendum, which made the majority view clear. To not leave does betray democracy in Britain. There’s no escaping that glaringly inconsistent view being held by those who wish to remain in the European Union. The will of the people ultimately doesn’t matter to them. If the result of the referendum held here recently in respect to ‘same sex marriage’ were to be questioned in terms of having a second referendum – just to ‘make sure’ – it would invoke outrage.

Skip across the water to Palestine. While attention focuses upon Britain’s woes continuing thuggery is shown to the Palestinians by an Israel which owes its ever changing borders to ‘Occupied Territory’ – recognised as such world-wide and condemned if only in diplomatically muted terms. How Israel is seen by some as ‘an exceptional case, a democracy in a sea of hostile, Islamic dictatorships….’ is beyond comprehension when Israel is perpetually hostile as evidenced by my lifetime lived waiting for a Two State solution which makes sense to both parties to be manifested. Do the Palestinians have the power – obviously not as the shrinking West Bank disappears into a few puddles of land and the Gaza continues as perhaps the largest Prison camp in existence. Perhaps not but the power is not and never has been with the Palestinians. Why is it impolite to mention these realities.

 A cool day here and great for transplanting red currant canes/small bushes from the nursery of the vegetable beds, where last year’s cuttings have taken on roots, to any spot in the open TreeFern beds where they’ll fit with comfort. A score of plantings later and garlic  now replaces the red currants in the vegetable beds and all looks good. Yippee for some sense of normality.

As opposed to normality is the juggernaut of smart meters, 5G and the internet of things hurtling upon us,  like it or not. I know from experience the ill effects of smart meters and, as I didn’t know that a smart meter had been installed, the ‘experiment’ was ‘blind’ – the negative health effects were almost immediate and only later traced back to the smart meter. It’s mind boggling, the self satisfied, negligent approach taken by governments everywhere in this technological exercise which directly affects all of us without safety tests ….. without safety tests …. how can this be? Ah … it’s progress and it’s a slowly deadly process. Birth rates drop, D.N.A. is affected but the roll out continues.

Can’t crash out nor walk away from 5G.

A sobering video below.



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